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Chevy's IdleAir Program Helps Truckers Cut Emissions (w/ video)

Big rig trucks rule America’s highways, and their big diesel engines – and their accompanying smoke stacks – are some of the biggest polluters in the nation. The modern semi engine is significantly cleaner than the last generations’ rigs, for sure, but the sheer volume of trucks and the extreme miles they cover annually still […]

February 2nd

Emerald Automotive Hopes To Deliver Plug-In Hybrid Van By 2015

If hybrid and electric vehicles can catch on with businesses around the world, they stand to make a big impact on transportation emissions. Emerald Automotive, a British-owned startup, is hoping that by 2015 they can deliver a plug-in hybrid van that offers an electric driving range of 66 miles, backed by a gas engine that can keep the van going for almost 400 more miles after that.

November 20th

CSR Builds a Carbon-neutral Choo-Choo

Earlier this week, CSR announced plans to build the world’s first carbon-neutral locomotive. Set to run on biocoal (“coal” fuel created through an energy-efficient processing and compressing of cellulosic biomass), the train will will have the same performance and load-hauling capabilities as traditional coal-burning engines, but without harmful metals or volatile off-gasses. Check out the […]

May 24th

Baby Got Back! New Aero Trailers Save Gas, Haul … Stuff

Mercedes-Benz introduced a new “Aero-Trailer” earlier this week, which the company claims will reduce wind resistance by 18% and improve truckers’ fuel consumption by 5%, cutting harmful C02 emissions by several tons and reducing overall fuel use (and overall fuel costs!) by millions of gallons (and dollars!) each year. The Devil Is in the Details, […]

December 3rd

50,000 Electric Commercial Vehicles for Germany

The heavy-duty distribution trucking industry in any nation ships tons and tons of goods all over the country, and uses quite a bit of fuel to do it. The German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) is setting its sights on these commercial trucks, promising hybrid-electric power trains and increased aerodynamic efficiency in the near future.

October 20th

Tiny Urban Train Can Deliver Your Pizza, Save the World (video)

Delivery and courier services are some of the cornerstones of our civilization – whether it’s the pony express, snail mail, UPS, or Dominos Pizza, the idea that we, as individuals, can receive physical goods from “out there” is something most of us take for granted. American delivery businesses, for the most part, run on oil, […]

September 10th

EPA: Starting in 2014, Heavy-Duty Trucks Subject to Fuel-Efficiency Standards

In a nation suddenly concerned about squeezing as much mileage as we can out of our everyday consumer cars—and don’t get me wrong, we are correct in that goal—who’s paying attention to the big rigs?
The Federal government finally is, it turns out. For too long the large commercial trucks and buses have not been subject to the fuel-economy standards imposed on smaller vehicles, but that’s about to end with the imposition of new fuel economy standards on the larger vehicles starting in 2014.

August 22nd

Trucking Companies Slow Down Drivers, Urge Efficient Driving

Sometimes called “the last cowboys,” many truckers are not happy about the end of the era of cheap oil. Their trucking firms are slowing big rigs down, rewarding drivers to get better gas mileage, and punishing those with a lead foot. Oil prices affect the cost of everything, especially those items shipped overland via big […]

The World's First Purpose Built Green Freeway Kicks Off

It’s a vision of the future, but it’s closer than you may think. A black ribbon of tarmac threading its way past industrial and commercial centres with regular stop off points for renewable energy transport. Local towns use their waste and biomass to produce ethanol and EVs can recharge or do battery swaps as and […]

September 14th

Will More Efficient Trucks Lead to 120,000 More Jobs?

Tractor trailers use a lot of gas. The trucking industry and related professions also employ a lot of people, and are a vital link in our supply chain that gets us food, electronics… just about everything from production to the store. We need trucks, and we need truckers… but we need those trucks to be […]

Truckers Want DOT To Regulate Their Industry, Not EPA

The trucking industry has undoubtedly been hit hard by the recession. First, high fuel prices gobbled up their profits in the highly-competitive field when diesel prices surged to $4 a gallon. Then as the recession set in, people bought less and thus there was less cargo to go around. That means less work. Now, just […]