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1st KERS System For Freight Trucks Launched

Via EV Obsession: The world’s first commercial Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) for road freight trucks/vehicles was recently unveiled by Skeleton Technologies and Adgero SARL. The new system can reportedly reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions by 15–25% — depending upon traffic circumstances and terrain. The new Adgero Hybrid System is composed of a bank […]

September 24th

40-Ton Battery-Electric Truck Put Into Service By BMW

BMW and SCHERM (new to me, too) have just put into service a 40-ton (think about that for a second) battery-electric truck that will be used for material transport. The truck will be used for a one-year pilot to examine how this shizzah works. To be specific, the truck is a Terberg YT202-EV electric tractor. 8 […]

July 10th

Daimler SuperTruck Doubles Fuel Economy To 12 MPG

Yes, you read that right. This is a story about a truck that gets 12 miles per gallon. Why is that news? Because we are talking about a big, heavy tractor pulling a 65,000 lb load. Most of the big rigs you see out on the highway only get half of that — or less. […]

March 31st

New Electronic Controls Boost Big Truck Fuel Economy

If you watch NASCAR racing, you know that two cars traveling nose to tail are faster than one car driving alone on the track. That’s because the cars racing together have less aerodynamic drag to overcome. Bicycle racers use the same wind cheating strategy. You may have experienced this yourself on the highway. If you get […]

June 7th

"SuperTruck" Achieves 54% Fuel Efficiency Enhancement

A truck called the “SuperTruck” has achieved fuel efficiency 54% greater than that of average long-haul trucks. The SuperTruck achieved 9.9 MPG under real-world driving conditions, while typical long-haul trucks achieve 5.5 MPG to 6.5 MPG. Doesn’t sound like much, but this improvement is actually huge.

March 26th

Amp Testing a Medium-Duty Electric Truck

Amp announced a new testing program with TRC Inc to “independently test the vehicle to ensure it can survive the rigors of package delivery in an environment where it is common to keep their vans in service for 20 years or more.” Amp says the final pre-production test program should be completed within the next month.”.

February 7th