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A Vision Of An America Connected By High-Speed Rail

If you’ve got to get from New York to L.A. in a hurry, there is only one option; air travel. While America once had a rail system that was the envy of the world, our obsession with the automobile has left our passenger rail system in a sad way. While our dreams of a high-speed rail network may be on the back burner for now, one man has made a map of his vision for an America once again connected by cutting edge trains.

February 8th

In The UK, Driving May Soon Be Cheaper Than Public Transport

Car ownership has never been cheap, and with cars only getting more and more expensive, one would think that public transportation might represent an enormous cost savings over cars. But in the UK at least, the popularity of public transportation, combined with ever-increasing train and tube fares, has led to commuting by car to be cheaper than train, at least in some areas.

January 24th

Hybrid Trains are the Future: EU to Fit KERS Systems to High-speed Rail

Thanks to the success of the Prius and others, hybrids have become a big deal in the automotive universe – so much so that boutique carmakers like Porsche and Ferrari are looking to hybrid technology to stay relevant. Cars aren’t the only people-movers moving to hybrid power, of course. Trains are adopting the technology in […]

January 20th

China Pushes Technological Limits Of High Speed Rail

China is the global leader in high speed rail and now is pushing the technological limits of the system by operating high speed trains in places of extreme temperatures. The Harbin-Dalian high speed rail line has been tested and is currently running through areas of Northeastern China where temperatures reach negative 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

December 24th

Atlanta Mayor Wants High Speed Rail Connection With Savannah

  High speed rail in America is a hot button issue and politicians seem to fall into either love it or hate it camps. Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed recently has solidified his place in the love it camp by proposing connecting Atlanta and Savannah with a high-speed rail line. Opponents of American high speed rail […]

December 21st

Muscle Car-Inspired Train Is The Kind Of Public Transit We Need

You know why a majority of Americans don’t use public transit? It’s drab, dreary, and worst of all, dull. We need something more…inspirational.

Leave it to the Aussies to out-America America. A new design for a high-speed train between Sydney and Melbourne draws its inspiration from one of Oz’s most popular muscle cars. Do. Want.

September 26th

Union Pacific Railroad Tests 25 Emissions Reducing Locomotives

America is such an outlier in so many ways. Take trains for instance. While many Americans are utterly and entirely opposed to a national high-speed rail system, systems that are popular in nearly every other 1st world country, our freight rail system is second to none. Trains can make a lot of freight on very little fuel, and now the famed Union Pacific Railroad is testing a fleet of 25 locomotives with various emissions-reducing technologies.

August 15th

California Knows How To Party (On Rails)

On Friday July 6th, the California State Legislature passed a bill authorizing the state to begin selling $4.5 billion in bonds. This includes $2.6 billion approved to build the initial 130-mile stretch of the high-speed rail line in the Central Valley. This will be the first high speed rail line in the entire United States. Let’s hope that California influences the rest of the nation in this as it does in other clean transportation methods.

July 7th

An East Coast High Speed Rail Network Is In The Works

While hopes for a high-speed rail line connecting California cities seem to be on life support, New England could be the new home of a high-speed rail line. Even though Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) faces a $161 million budget deficit this year and another $100 million budget deficit next year, this project is getting more attention and support.

June 29th

Ferrari Trains Take To The Track In Italy

When I first read this story, I thought it was some kind of belated April Fools post. A Ferarri train you say? Seems impossible, impractical, unaffordable. Yet the Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori (NTV) is the first, and largest private high-speed rail line to open in Europe, and many rich and powerful people have attached their names […]

April 23rd

GE's Hybrid Locomotive Cuts Fuel Consumption And Emissions

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve taken a look back at the rail innovations of GE through the lens of their recently launched annual reports data visualization. These innovations include America’s first electrification project and a train powered by beef tallow. But now I want to talk about hybrids, specifically GE’s Hybrid Evolution locomotive, […]

March 28th

Beef-Powered Trains And The Evolution Of Rail In America

Once upon a time, America relied on its railroad to move people and goods across the vast landscape that comprises this beautiful land. But with the rise of the automobile, personal transportation quickly outstripped the need for passenger trains. Slowly but surely, passenger rail all but disappeared outside of the Northeast United States. That left […]

March 21st

Public Transit Use In America Reaches All-Time Highs

America’s public transportation ridership is at a height not seen in decades. In 2011, Americans took 10.4 billion trips on mass transit — which includes buses, trains, street cars and ferries, according to the American Public Transportation Association. We know that an increase in gas prices has caused American’s to seek alternative forms of transportation. […]

March 19th

America’s First Green-Tech Project: Electric Locomotives

The late-19th century must have been a hell of a time to live. Electricity was becoming more mainstream, the first telephones were starting to appear, and much of the developed world relied on trains for long-distance transportation. Yet even 100 years ago, people were concerned with the health hazards related to transportation, especially coal-powered steam […]

March 19th

New High Speed Train Sets Records

China has tested its latest in high speed rail. A train made of plastic materials and carbon fiber rocketed down the tracks at a Chinese record setting 311 mph (500 kilometers per hour). If put into use, this will be the fastest, conventional-wheeled train, exceeded in speed only by Japanese MAGLEV trains. According to officials, […]

January 11th

Green Party Loses On Controversial German Rail Renovation

For month the people of Baden Württemberg Germany have been protesting and politically fighting against a very controversial renovation of the city of Stuttgart’s main train station, called the Stuttgart 21 rail project. However, the people have voted and the protestors have lost the fight. The city of Stuttgart’s main train station will be mostly […]

December 28th

American High Speed Rail is Not Dead – It's More of a Zombie

Before the Thanksgiving break, House Republicans voted to kill a transportation appropriations bill that resulted in the majority of funding for America’s high speed rail program being eliminated. The GOP cheered at the death of President Obama’s national rail network plan; but their jubilation came premature. When the vote went to the Senate things changed […]

December 6th

Mass Transit, Biking Saves Lives and Money

  We all know that riding a bicycle is good for your health. We also know that with gas prices being as they are, riding public transportation is good for your wallet. Just how good? How about around $7 billion good and 1,100 lives saved each year good. A Public Service Jonathan Patz, director of […]

November 15th