High Speed Rail

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American High Speed Rail — Past and Present

High speed rail in America in 2011 is limited. In fact the Acela Express by Amtrak on the northeast corridor of the United States is the only high speed line used in America. This was not always the case; sixty seven years ago the Milwaukee Road introduced high speed rail connecting Minneapolis and Chicago. The […]

June 3rd

Video: Hovering Robotic Electric “Aero Train”

While the debate in America rages over the future of high speed rail, Japan is still looking for ever more futuristic ways to get around. The latest idea; a hovering “Aero Train” that floats above the ground. This is like something out of the Jetsons. The Aero Train is a ground-effects vehicle…kind of like a […]

China Slows Trains on Safety Concerns

China has slowed down their bullet trains amid safety concerns and rising costs. Chinese bullet trains will be slowed from 220mph to 190mph as of July 1st. The reduced speed will allow for safer travel as well as a possibility of greater variation in ticket prices for travelers. Cheaper tickets will be issued for trains […]

May 2nd