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Let’s Eliminate All Left Lane Bandits!

Hogging the left lane is dangerous. It leads to congestion on the highways and is a major cause of road rage. It is childish and boorish behavior. We should all be adults and stay out of the left lane except to pass other traffic.

August 27th

Nissan Leaf Security Flaws Leaked

Troy Hunt, a prominent security researcher, has exposed a flaw in the NissanConnect app which allows a remote user to access controls on Nissan Leafs (Leaves?) with only a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Hunt was able to control several remote features on a Nissan Leaf by exploiting security flaws in the company’s phone app. Using […]

March 4th

Gas Station Hacked: Effects & Concerns

Recently, gas station supervisory systems connected to the internet have become targets of hacking with minor effects, but still raising concern. Trend Micro researchers Kyle Wilhoit and Stephen Hilt subsequently conducted a series of experiments to determine the risk these gas station’s systems are truly facing. They planted 10 fake internet-connected systems called “GasPots” in various countries to […]

August 13th

The Rockstars of Urban Planning On Walking In LA

The Hammer Museum at UCLA hosts weekly talks on hot topics. Being a huge fan of turning Los Angeles into a car-free city, I was eager to hear Seleta Reynolds, our new General Manager at the Department of Transportation. Mayor Garcetti stole her from San Francisco after she helped turn that city into a cyclists’ paradise while also shortening car commute times.

March 31st