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EV Transportation & Technology Summit — See You There?

As I announced last month, I’ll be presenting at an upcoming electric vehicle conference in Florida toward the end of October. More details regarding the “EV Transportation and Technology Summit” are now out, and I think everyone here will agree that it looks really interesting.

September 7th

Extra $25,000 Off A Model X Thanks To Tax Loophole?

Via EV Obsession: Well, Fred Lambert has stumbled across a very interesting possibility. We all know that there are a ton of ridiculous tax loopholes out there. We also tend to figure that they don’t benefit “the good guys,” but sometimes they can. Fred has pointed out that what is informally referred to as the “Hummer Tax […]

September 5th

Rich People Benefit More From Tax Credits (Duh)

I’ve always found it a little fucked up that US federal incentives for solar energy and electric cars are tax credits. I’m sure there are some arguments for this, but a simple cash rebate (like California offers) would be much more useful for the majority of people.

September 2nd

£5,000 UK Plug-In Car Grant Extended

The £5,000 (~$7,800) “Plug-in Car Grant” in the UK is one of the most helpful electric car incentives in the world. Approaching expiration, the British government just extended the grant at least till February 2016. The initial plan was to review the grant once 50,000 vehicles had made use of it. With strong sales in […]

August 28th

Palo Alto: Electric Vehicle & Clean Transport Leader (Exclusive Video)

Originally published on CleanTechnica. Third in my series on the Renewable Cities “Trends, innovations, and barriers in electrifying transportation” panel that I moderated, this article is about Gil Friend’s wonderful presentation. (See my intro and Brian Hansen’s presentation on Copenhagen electrification and clean transport for the prequels.) Gil is Chief Sustainability Officer for the City of Palo Alto, and is […]

August 27th

Complete Transportation In Copenhagen (Exclusive Video)

Following up on my intro for the “Electrifying Transport” panel at the recent Renewable Cities Global Learning Forum in Vancouver, Canada, his piece shares and summarizes the presentation given by Brian Hansen, Head of Department Citywide Strategies for the City of Copenhagen. While the panel was generally about the electrification of transportation, some of the panelists noted the importance of a […]

August 25th

Electric Car Survey For Non-Owners & Non-Lessees

Our survey of electric car owners and lessees went very well, with 800 people completing the survey! A couple of years ago, I think we wouldn’t have gotten half that number. But now is time for the really big one — a survey of wannabe electric car owners/lessees! (If you don’t yet own or lease an electric car […]

August 22nd

Scotland Provides Interest-Free Loan For Electric Vehicles

The Scottish government has unveiled a new financing scheme in the hope of expediting the uptake of electric cars by consumers and private companies and cut down on vehicle-related emissions. Scotland’s Energy Saving Trust has allocated £2.5 million to the funding plan which provides businesses and individuals with easier access to loans that can cover the full cost of electric vehicles. […]

August 19th

How To Have A Negative Charging Cost With An Electric Car

Originally published on EV Obsession. The common assumption is that getting an electric car will jack up your electricity usage and thus electricity bill, and that is probably the norm to one extent or another, but that’s not always the case. In fact, some people end up having a lower electricity bill after getting an electric […]

August 11th

Florida Train Between Miami & Orlando Gets Critical Funding

Originally published on CleanTechnica. By Cynthia Shahan An Orlando-to-Miami train, the potential passenger rail connector between Central Florida and South Florida, has just passed another crucial milestone. It has received approval for $1.75 billion in state funding. The train will run from Orlando and only have stops in West Palm and Miami. Although it is not a “high-speed train,” at 125 […]

August 10th

Virginia Requires A Rewrite Of Tesla Referral Program

Ah, you can’t innovate at all these days without at least one state throwing up a roadblock, and this is especially true in the auto industry. Tesla’s new “secret demand weapon” that also throws a nice left hook into the jaw of auto dealers, as you should know by now, is a referral program where the Tesla […]

August 10th

10 Charts Explore Top Electric Car Cities In US

Originally published on EV Obsession. Some of the factors contributing to the relatively fast adoption of electric vehicles (EV) in some American metropolitan markets have been identified and characterized by a new study from the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT). The dominant ones, according to the new report, are: stronger consumer incentives, a broader […]

August 9th

Tesla Trying To Bust Through Auto Dealership Lobby In Michigan — So That It Can Finally Serve Michigan Customers

The irony in the “Tesla versus auto dealers” fight is overflowing. The fact that blocking Tesla from making direct sales to customers is not seen as anti–free market by the politicians writing such laws is insane — and not “Insane Mode” insane. The corruption from money-sucking, customer-screwing dealers and their political allies is somewhat sickening. The […]

August 7th