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New Beijing Traffic Laws Take 800,000 Cars Off the Road in China

[social_buttons] Around 800,000 fewer cars were on the road in Beijing, China this Monday, following the introduction of radical new traffic laws aimed at reducing pollution in the city. The new laws came into force today, and stipulate that 70% of government vehicles, as well as all private and corporate cars, take turns off the […]

October 13th

Renewable Energy is Homeland Security (Opinion)

I have my pet peeves.  I really hate roller-bags, people not walking down escalators, and discovering that Flex Fuel has been around for over 20 years and nobody bothered to implement it.  My feelings are not limited to Flex Fuel, but all abandoned fuel economy technologies all together.  The fact that a nation as wealthy […]

October 4th

Theft of Grease for Biodiesel on the Rise: CA Adjusts Laws

By cutting fees for the legal transportation of kitchen grease used to make biodiesel for personal use from $400 to $75 per truck, California hopes that would-be backyard biodiesel grease thieves will pony up and go legit. [social_buttons] Prices for regular diesel have been historically high nationwide, and all over the U.S. people are turning […]

September 30th

U.S. Government Axes “Renewable Diesel” Tax Credit

[social_buttons] Yesterday the U.S. Senate voted to renew a one year extension for renewable energy tax credits worth $18 billion dollars. Absent from the package was a tax credit aimed at helping food giant Tyson and oil giant ConocoPhillips turn a profit by converting fats leftover from Tyson’s processing of beef to the so-called “renewable […]

September 24th

The European Union’s Emission War

The European Union decided pull of the accelerator of its fairly ambitious bio-fuel plans for the future.  Nearly two thirds of the European population feels that climate change is a big issue, yet the EU itself is not planning on holding up its end of the bargain.

September 13th

Changing Locomotion in Midstream: California’s Ethanol Mandate (Part 3)

Editor’s note: Part three of Alexis Madrigal’s series on California’s ethanol mandate focuses on the challenges of transporting the fuel. III. How to Move A Billion Gallons of Fuel from Iowa to California Back in the 1980s, with smog choking American cities, the government decided to tinker with the gasoline hydrocarbon formula to create cleaner […]

September 3rd

Changing Locomotion in Midstream: California’s Ethanol Mandate (Part 1)

Editor’s note: On July 10th, I asked if you’d be interested in “crowdfunding” a feature article on meeting ethanol mandates in California.  You were: within two days, enough money was donated so that Spot.us, a new venture dedicated to crowdfunded reporting, was able to commission Wired.com staff writer Alexis Madrigal to move forward with his […]

September 1st

Beyond Obama: a Biofuel Stimulus for President

Earlier this month, Democratic Presidential Candidate Barack Obama outlined an ambitious energy plan to drive the United States toward a self-sufficient green economy. From fuel rebates to carbon cap-and-trade to vehicle fuel efficiency, the Obama plan has been widely accepted as the most comprehensive energy package released by a Presidential candidate to date. There is […]

August 11th

Senate Republicans Block Windfall Profits Tax on Big Oil Companies

Democrats fall eight votes short of preventing filibuster [social_buttons]With gasoline prices topping $4 a gallon, Senate Democrats wanted the U.S. government to throttle back on the billions of dollars in profits being taken in by the major oil companies. But with the White House threatening a veto of the bill, the Senate voted 51-43 to […]

June 10th

U.S. Fuel Economy Standards Boosted to 31.6 MPG by 2015

The White House has outlined their plan to increase fuel efficiency standards to 35 MPG by 2020, a move that will save Americans an estimated $100 billion in fuel costs. The mandate was outlined in last year’s energy bill in December, but this proposal gives a boost to the timeline by requiring the mileage of […]

April 23rd

Canada Unleashes First Carbon Tax in N. America

[social_buttons] British Columbia will be the first in North America to institute a comprehensive carbon tax on nearly all fossil fuels. It’s a groundbreaking move that could prove the feasibility of taxing greenhouse-gas emissions. Beginning July 1st, 2008, businesses and residents of British Columbia will be taxed $10 per metric ton of carbon emitted by […]

April 5th