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CLEANTECH REVOLUTION TOUR → BERLIN: New EV Speaker, Cool Location, & More Updates

Via CleanTechnica: We’ve got several notable updates regarding our first cleantech conference — CLEANTECH REVOLUTION TOUR → BERLIN — to share with you. First of all, we now have: → a Facebook event page (share with friends!) → an event webpage (which we’ll continuously update) → an eventbrite page for registering (again, register, and share with friends!) … and a confirmed […]

March 24th

Cleantech Revolution Tour Launching In Berlin — April 8–10

Originally published on CleanTechnica (with slight modification). As I wrote just before Christmas, CleanTechnica is planning to implement solar + electric vehicle events in cities across North America and Europe (and perhaps further at some point). In partnership with GridHub, an exciting renewable energy startup based in Berlin that I’ll write more about shortly, we’re launching the […]

March 8th

EV Early Adopters & First Followers — What They Want, In A Nutshell

This 11th and final article pulled from Electric Cars: What Early Adopters & First Followers Want — a new report from CleanTechnica, EV Obsession, and GAS2 — is a summary of the whole report. Of course, I encourage you to read through the entire report, at least in parts here on CleanTechnica (where you can also dive into the comments under […]

February 2nd

Last Chance To Chime In

As many of you know, I’m writing up a report based on four electric vehicle surveys we’ve been conducting. I’m getting close to writing up sections on the results, and am thus going to close the surveys soon. If you haven’t completed any of the applicable surveys yet, this is your “last chance.” I think I […]

October 14th

Canada To Get 2nd-Gen Chevy Volt Before 39 US States

Originally published on EV Obsession. The 2016 Chevy Volt will apparently be released in various Canadian provinces before being released in around 39 US states, according to recent reports. Bad news for those of us waiting for it here in the underserved states of the union, but good news for those in Canada, I suppose. Canadian […]

September 29th

Policies To Drive EV Sales Growth

Originally published on EV Obsession. In this final presentation from the Electrifying Transportation panel I moderated at the Renewable Cities Global Learning Forum, professor Jonn Axsen from Simon Fraser University discusses findings he and his team have made in ~10 years of EV buyer and potential buyer research. Jonn is a big proponent of the […]

September 25th

Country Comparison: Electric Car Incentives & Electric Car Market Share

Originally published on EV Obsession. Incentives are an interesting thing. Sometimes, the ones you think will work the best don’t work too well. Sometimes, ones you don’t think will have as much effect end up having a huge effect. Sometimes, incentives work great with one population but don’t work so well with another population. Electric car […]

September 24th

Aim To Cheat EPA & American Public Pervades Auto Industry

Via CleanTechnica: I discovered in the comment thread of Jo’s first piece on the Volkswagen diesel scandal that one of our frequent commenters here on CleanTechnica used to work for the EPA, and part of his work was to find “defeat devices” — that is, devices auto companies used to trick EPA emissions tests. As shocking and […]

September 23rd

Hitler’s Angry Response To Volkswagen Scandal (Video)

Via CleanTechnica: Well, this was inevitable… If you’re new to the internet, that scene has been given completely incorrect subtitles numerous times for entertainment/amusement purposes. In fact, one has previously been made for “Hitler’s response to Tesla’s free Superchargers,” which I shared before but will pop here again: As I shared the other day (and everyone […]

September 22nd