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IMF: G20 Countries Paying Trillions In Fossil Fuel Subsidies

Ah, society — takes us decades to turn a simple, life-saving corner. Subsidizing fossil fuels in the 21st century has got to be one of the dumbest things society has ever done… (and we’ve done a lot of dumb things). We have cheaper alternatives that don’t kill us and cause all kinds of health problems […]

August 6th

EU Sends €€€ To Netherlands For EV Charging

As if Dutch leadership with EV incentives, EV charging, and EV sales wasn’t enough, the Netherlands just got another boost. The European Commission is set on giving the Netherlands nearly €33 million for EV charging infrastructure across the country. The funding comes from the EU’s “Green Deal” program. The program is to supplement local government and private support […]

July 31st

Meet the PL-01 Stealth Tank, from Poland (w/ Video)

At just 3/5 the weight of an American Abrams tank and powered by an advanced, high-efficiency, 940 HP diesel engine, Poland’s newest direct support vehicle is a seriously efficient combat machine. The big news here, however, isn’t an engine that’s capable of running on algae-sourced diesel or some ultra-torquey electric drive motor– it’s the PL-01’s […]

March 30th

Electric Vehicles Taking Off in Holland

There many only be 7,500 electric vehicles on the road in Holland, but the rate at which they are being adopted is quite fast. The number of electric vehicles on the road octupled last year alone. That’s an eightfold increase.

February 13th