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New Chevy Commercial Shows the Changing Face of American Families

Of course Coca-Cola’s recent Olympic commercial that featured Americans of all ethnic backgrounds singing “America, the Beautiful” in their native languages drew a lot of negative attention from the horrible, racist s***bag Republitards that make ‘Murica an international laughing-stock. It’s what those people do when they take time off from suppressing their homosexual urges and […]

February 10th

NC State Study Says Electric Cars Don't Reduce Emissions

The state that tried to make accurate predictions about sea-level rise illegal is at it again, making more bone-headed statements through its academic mouthpiece, NC State University. The latest round of crazy-talk comes courtesy of a study that claims electric drive vehicles (a catch-all term used to cover EVs, hybrids, and plug-in hybrids) don’t reduce […]

January 28th

By The Time Millennials Afford Cars, It Might Be Too Late

A recent study has determined that Generation Y, i.e. Millennials, are just as interested in buying new cars as prior generations. The problem is that most 20-somethings can’t even afford to move out of their parents’ house, nevermind take on a new car payment. While this plays against that narrative of a disinterested generation of car buyers, it presents perhaps an even bigger problem; my generation is learning to get along without cars.

January 22nd

Clueless Kelley Blue Book: EVs Will Depreciate Faster than Gas Cars

USA Today recently asked the car-value “experts” at Kelly Blue Book to do some crystal ball gazing and speculate on the depreciation and resale value of today’s electric cars. That analysis suggests that, despite out-performing the rest of the market, most of today’s plug-in and electric cars will depreciate more dramatically over five years than […]

December 29th

Frankfurt 2013: We're All Still Waiting for a Bugatti Hybrid

The car you see above is the Bugatti Galibier. When it was introduced to the world as a concept back in 2009, it was one of the first high-horsepower, mega-dollar hybrids to break cover. The car itself was classically styled, promised uncompromising luxury and performance, and several miles of utterly silent, zero-emissions, “pure” electric car […]

September 9th

The Best Rotary Engine Vehicles You Can Buy

As you can probably tell, I’m a big fan of rotary engines. As a fan, I’ve accumulated a wealth of useless opinions regarding rotary engined vehicles that I’ve decided to share with you in the form of a handy-dandy “buyer’s guide” to rotary goodness. Enjoy!

August 12th

Suprine Motorcycles Rips Off Peraves, Hopes No One Notices (We Notice)

The Peraves Monotracer is a sublime exotic that delivers. The Suprine Exodus from Baltimore that made its debut this week does not deliver. It is nothing more than a terribly executed Peraves rip-off that isn’t worth the BMW K1200LT its makers had to cut up to make it with, let alone the ridiculous $55,000 asking price (I know, I thought it was a typo, too). See it here. You will laugh.

July 24th