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First Plug-in Hybrid In America…Is A Scooter?

[social_buttons] Vespa scooter maker, the Piaggio Group, says they will be selling a plug-in hybrid scooter in the United States by early 2010. According to HybridCars.com, if they do make good on their plans, the plug-in scooter will be the first manufactured plug-in on American soil – beating out the Chevy Volt by six months.

March 23rd

Piaggio MP3 Hybrid To Be First Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle in US

[social_buttons] Motorbike manufacturer Piaggio has announced that the Piaggio MP3 Hybrid will be launched in America during the first quarter of 2010, making it the first affordable plug-in hybrid vehicle of any kind available in the US. The news was revealed by Piaggio Group USA President and CEO Paolo Timoni, who also told reporters that […]

March 10th

EVA Announces 2WD Diesel Motorcycle – Next Stop: Baja!

Despite the latest advancements in automotive hybrid and flex-fuel technologies, motorcycles and scooters remain one of the most efficient ways for energy-conscious commuters to get around town.  Unfortunately, there haven’t been any real “alt fuel” options open to motorcyclists.  As such, despite the incredible efficiency of some 2-wheelers (my own Honda Ruckus gets over 100 […]

March 9th

Honda’s Plans Include Electric Motorcycles and Diesel Cars

In a just-announced revised product development plan, Honda says they will concentrate on hybrid and compact vehicles. Honda will start selling the 2009 Insight in Japan this Spring with a price targeted under 2,000,000 yen ($22,325). Honda has previously announced the new Insight will go on sale in the US at a price starting under […]

December 20th

Affordable, Local, Now: ZAP’s Xebra

Let the movie stars blow their royalties on fancy, high end electric cars. I’m fine in with my Sebring-Vanguard CitiCar, and would be equally so in ZAP’s four-door, all-electric, three-wheeled Xebra Sedan, especially if I lived somewhere with only three relatively moderate seasons and not where there are too many hills. ZAP, or Zero Air […]

October 15th

DIY Electric Motorcycle Costs Less than $3,000

Recently, a man named Ben Nelson put the finishing touches on his DIY electric motorcycle. His first electric vehicle project, Ben started by finding a motorcycle he liked with a blown engine and stripping it of all it’s old, gas-burning components. From there he did some research on electric vehicles, and was able to put […]

July 19th