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Upgraded BMW C Evolution Electric Scooter Coming

I have just returned from Italy, where getting around on scooters is practically a national religion. They range from tiny (and tinny) 50 cc models suitable only for use in crowded urban environments on up to 650 cc offerings that can take on major highways. In general, scooters offer a lower riding position than traditional […]

September 21st

Zero Celebrates Ten Years As Leading Electric Moto Manufacturer

On national drive electric day, September 10th, Zero motorcycles celebrated their 10th anniversary. We’ve been covering their progress since the beginning. In fact, my first article for gas2 was a review of the 2009 Zero S. They’ve certainly come a long way since I first reviewed one here, and I was very excited to celebrate with them.

September 15th

Sachs Goes Electric With SaXXX MadAss E Electric Moped

Legendary moped builder Sachs rocked the established tiny-bike world when it launched the original Sachs MadAss bike in 2004. Since its launch, numerous attempts have been made to bring the bike to the US, with the bike having been sold under the Pierspeed and Tomberlin brands or as the AMG Nitro. The biggest obstacle for […]

April 15th