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15 Bikes Competing In Today’s World First Electric Grand Prix

[social_buttons] Today’s the TTXGP – the Time Trials Xtreme Grand Prix. And don’t let that misspelled word fool ya. It’s going to be one heck of a ride! In fact, it’s going be the world’s first zero-carbon, clean emission Grand Prix. With twenty-three different electric bikes and sixteen riders, seven different countries will compete in […]

June 12th

Electric Superbike Uses iPhone For Its Dashboard

[social_buttons] Apple fanboys might still be drooling from yesterday’s iPhone 3Gs announcement, but I bet they never saw this coming: an electric superbike with an iPhone for all its instrumentation! Heck, I was happy to finally get MMS support! The MotoCzysz E1pc is one of the many entries in the TTXGP race this Friday. How […]

Guy Builds Electric Motorcycle From Junk

Tony Parker Has Built An Electric Bike Made From Junk. He Also Made A Solar And Wind-Powered Charging Station For The Bike. [social_buttons] Tony Parker has built an electric motorbike completely from found junk. Why? The laid-off worker found himself with a lot of time and just began tinkering around the house.

Man Builds World's First Fully Solar-Powered Motorcycle

[social_buttons] Richard Gryzch has built what he claims is the world’s first fully sun-powered electric motorbike. A project that has taken him more than two years. In fact, to finance building the bike Cryzch sold his other motorbikes and even a house. He calls the bike a Solar Flyer. A name inspired by those Radio […]

Brammo Plans to Build Brand Around Enertia Electric Bike

Motorcycles are probably the softest challenge for anyone considering electric propulsion. Most bikers don’t stray too far from home, bikes are by nature lightweight, and unless you’re talking about a pumped-up crotch rocket, they don’t need to go stupid fast. The real challenge lies in marketing a bike with limited range and top speed with […]

Honda Hydrogen CB750 Motorbike Concept

Powered By A Four-Cylinder Liquid Hydrogen Engine, This CB750 Is Controlled By An OLED Touch Screen With Wifi, GPS And 3G! [social_buttons] If Honda wishes to bring back the CB750, look no further than Igor Chak’s Hydrogen concept. The bike — which ran in production from 1969 to 2003 — was an unprecedented piece of […]

Zero S Motorcycle Provides Electric Ride

Editor’s Note: This is Chris DeMorro’s first contribution to Gas 2.0. Welcome Chris! [social_buttons] Very soon, you will probably see a Zero S electric bike riding around town, scooting down main streets and ducking through off-road shortcuts. This bare-bones, lightweight, and street legal electric bike goes on sale next month in America and Europe. So if […]

April 28th

Electric Motorbike Does 0 to 60 in Under One Second!

[social_buttons] While riding an electric motorcycle powered by cordless-drill batteries, Scotty Pollacheck made drag racing history for the second time. He went from 0 to 60 mph in less than a second! The KillaCycle® — originally designed and built in 1999 –uses a series of more than 1,200 batteries to power two motors which crank […]

April 27th

First Plug-in Hybrid In America…Is A Scooter?

[social_buttons] Vespa scooter maker, the Piaggio Group, says they will be selling a plug-in hybrid scooter in the United States by early 2010. According to, if they do make good on their plans, the plug-in scooter will be the first manufactured plug-in on American soil – beating out the Chevy Volt by six months.

March 23rd

Piaggio MP3 Hybrid To Be First Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle in US

[social_buttons] Motorbike manufacturer Piaggio has announced that the Piaggio MP3 Hybrid will be launched in America during the first quarter of 2010, making it the first affordable plug-in hybrid vehicle of any kind available in the US. The news was revealed by Piaggio Group USA President and CEO Paolo Timoni, who also told reporters that […]

March 10th

EVA Announces 2WD Diesel Motorcycle – Next Stop: Baja!

Despite the latest advancements in automotive hybrid and flex-fuel technologies, motorcycles and scooters remain one of the most efficient ways for energy-conscious commuters to get around town.  Unfortunately, there haven’t been any real “alt fuel” options open to motorcyclists.  As such, despite the incredible efficiency of some 2-wheelers (my own Honda Ruckus gets over 100 […]

March 9th

Honda’s Plans Include Electric Motorcycles and Diesel Cars

In a just-announced revised product development plan, Honda says they will concentrate on hybrid and compact vehicles. Honda will start selling the 2009 Insight in Japan this Spring with a price targeted under 2,000,000 yen ($22,325). Honda has previously announced the new Insight will go on sale in the US at a price starting under […]

December 20th

Affordable, Local, Now: ZAP’s Xebra

Let the movie stars blow their royalties on fancy, high end electric cars. I’m fine in with my Sebring-Vanguard CitiCar, and would be equally so in ZAP’s four-door, all-electric, three-wheeled Xebra Sedan, especially if I lived somewhere with only three relatively moderate seasons and not where there are too many hills. ZAP, or Zero Air […]

October 15th

DIY Electric Motorcycle Costs Less than $3,000

Recently, a man named Ben Nelson put the finishing touches on his DIY electric motorcycle. His first electric vehicle project, Ben started by finding a motorcycle he liked with a blown engine and stripping it of all it’s old, gas-burning components. From there he did some research on electric vehicles, and was able to put […]

July 19th