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I Bought a Thing: 1998 Honda CR-V AWD (Part 2)

After driving my newly-acquired Honda CR-V for a few weeks, some of the minor issues that I’d either failed to notice or chosen to ignore started to become more apparent. The brakes, for example, really were in terrible need of replacement. The tires, too- 3 different brands made up the 5 tires on the CR-V- […]

January 19th

Public Transportation Saves Up To $16,000 Per Year

Via Bikocity: We are all aware of the financial argument for using public transportation — it is way, way cheaper. Weighing out the costs and benefits is tricky, but the American Public Transportation Association’s (APTA) monthly Transit Savings Reports have made it beautifully clear. Ranking the savings for the 20 cities with the highest rates of public transportation […]

September 15th

Weird Ride Wednesday: Old School Gyro-X Prototype Being Restored

The 1950s and 60s were a wild time in America where bold new ideas were regularly trotted out for the masses to gorge on. While this was the heyday for the American automobile, there were always those looking to make personal transportation smaller, lighter, and more practical. Alex Tremulis was just such a fellow, and his self-balancing gyroscopic motorcycle concept is undergoing restoration thanks to a dedicated team.

April 10th

Weird Ride Wednesday: The Wood-Powered Trucks Of North Korea

It isn’t easy running a tyrannical dictatorship these days. Just ask North Korea, a country with so many internal and external sanctions that they don’t even have even oil to run the few vehicles they’ve got. That led the resourceful North Koreans to power their vehicles using gasifiers, which produce immense heat and break down biomatter, like wood, into a usable fuel. North Korea is just crawling with these mostly-wood-powered pickups and equipment haulers.

February 6th

Recycled Hawtness: Bitchin' Lowrider Vintage Vespa (w/ video)

What you’re looking at here is a steel-bodied vintage Vespa stripped down to its bare-metal frame and set down onto the same kind of lowering airbags used by lowrider aficionados (yes, I just typed that) in the hot rod and chopper communities. In a word? It’s awesome. Built by German hot rod shop Kings of […]

December 3rd

Disabled Millionaire Spearheaded Hybrid Car To Pursue Driving Pleasure

Many of you already know that when the automobile first debuted on the scene, electric vehicles outnumber gas-powered cars by more than a two-to-one margin. By the 1920s though, gasoline was firmly established was the fuel of choice. But this was a time before automatic transmissions, and a disabled millionaire inadvertently led to the development of the first hybrid vehicle.

October 23rd