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Berlin Chosen As Formula E Finalizes 2014 Race Calendar

Next September, a new motorsport will quietly take to the tracks of ten different international hotspots in a bid to bring electric racing excitement to the masses. The Formula E competition is electric racing to the next level, and the German capital of Berlin has been chosen as the tenth and final location for the inaugural season.

British Racing Outfit Bluebird To Build Electric Sports Cars

In the 1920s and 30s, Sir Malcolm Campbell raced and set numerous land speed records, including becoming the first person to drive over 300 mph in 1935. His son, Donald Campbell continued that tradition and passed it down to his grandson, Don Wales, who today carries on Campbell’s proud legacy. Bluebird is apparently going beyond just racing though, and will soon offer electric sports and race cars for sale to the general public.

Video: Drayson Racing Sets New 204 MPH EV Record

Electric vehicles are really starting to come into their own, and long-standing records for range and performance are starting to fall. Yesterday Drayson Racing took down a 39-year old record for electric vehicle top speed in the standing mile, blowing past the previous record of 175 mph and crossing the 200 mph mark, a huge step for electric vehicles the world over.

Lord Drayson Hopes To Drive To New EV Speed Record

Picture this; a stereotypical 17th century British Lord driving an all-electric race car in a powdered wig while sipping tea. Yeah, that’s the image I get when I imagine science minister, entrepreneur, and noble Lord Drayson driving his electric race car in a bid to set the EV land speed record for vehicles under 1,000 kgs.

Formula E Adds Bangkok Venue, Reveals Latest Race Car Design

For electric racing fans, there is no event more anticipated than the inaugural Formula E season, which kicks off next year. Several world-class cities have already been selected to host these contests of speed, and most of the schedule is already determined. This week though Bangkok was added as a host city, and Formula E also revealed what the Renault-designed race cars will look like.

Video: Los Angeles Welcomes Formula E Electric Race Series

One of the most exciting developments in the green car world is the formation of the Formula E racing series, which is essentially Formula One with electric cars. While several major cities across the world have signed on to host this new series, Los Angeles is the first city in the U.S. to announce that it will serve as a host for this new electric racing series.

April 29th

Dallara Building Official Chassis For Formula E Series

For electric car racing fans, the upcoming Formula E series is something worth getting excited about. With some of the biggest names in Formula One racing pledging to participate in this fledgling series, Formula E could be the series that gets young people excited about electric cars. With Italy’s Dallara Automobili now committed to building the official Formula E racing chassis, we can start visualizing the future of electric motorsports.

Video: Lapping The Roman Coliseum In An Electric Formula E Racer

I love racing, and few motorsports have me as excited as the impending Formula E electric racing series. Billed as the Formula One of the EV world, this new series is already making big waves in both the racing and EV world. The latest bit of news comes out of Rome, which has just signed on as the first European host of the Formula E series. To celebrate, a test driver took an electric race car around the Coliseum. Not something you see every day.

December 6th

Formula E Series Orders 42 EV Racers, Signs McLaren To Design Drivetrains

The world of electric racing is about to get a serious jolt come 2014. That is international motorsports overseer the FIA throws its weight behind the Formula E series. In a move that signals the seriousness of this electric racing series, the Formula E series has ordered a 42 all-electric racers from Spark Racing Technology, while signing on a McLaren subsidiary to design the electric drivetrain.

November 19th

Drayson Racing Launches Formula E Design Competition

To be successful in professional racing means having the right talent and the right technology on hand. Drayson Racing Technologies is looking into the future of racing, and they see the all-electric Formula E series as a promising motorsport. To wit, Drayson Racing is launching an electric race car design challenge for first year design students, who will receive both a prize and the honor of seeing their design come to life as a real EV racer.

October 31st

McLaren Ready For Electric Formula E Series

When the FIA announced the Formula E electric racing series, some were skeptical that such an ambitious project would even get off the ground. But several high-end racing teams have already expressed interest in racing, and you can add to that one of the most famed Formula 1 racing teams of all time; McLaren.

Yup, the Big M wants to get in on this new-fangled electric racing series. Awesome.

September 6th

First Formula E Season Set For 2014

The electric race cars are coming, and sooner than I had hoped. On Monday, the Federation Internatonale de l’Automobile announced that the all-electric racing series known as Formula E would have its opening season less than two years from now in 2014. The series will follow a setup similar to Formula 1, which leaves just […]

August 29th