Formula 1

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New F1 Challenge Game Pack Hybrid Passing Power (w/ video)

Thanks to software developers at Codemasters, you can now take on the world’s best drivers behind the wheel of the world’s fastest hybrids on your iPhones and iPads by downloading the just-released “F1 Challenge” app for iOS! Formula 1 (F1) cars are technological marvels that direct every aspect of a car’s design, even the exhaust […]

October 26th

Sebastian Vettel vs. Renault Electric Cars

It’s a PR stunt, but it’s a cool PR stunt, at least! Watch three-time Formula 1 world driver’s champion Sebastian Vettel take to the track in a number of plug-in Renault electric cars, including a fat-tired, F1-inspired RenaultSport Twizy racer!

June 8th