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Ford’s New Concept Another Step Towards Self-Driving Cars

This week sees the opening of the Frankfurt Auto Show, but Ford Motor Company got a jump start on news week with the unveiling of a new concept car at the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin, Germany this week. While the car itself is not new, the technology on board is a big step towards cars that eventually drive themselves.

September 9th

Autonomous Cars: The Next Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles?

There has been a lot of buzz as of late regarding autonomous cars and the future of the automobile. While Google kick started the conversation with a self-driving Prius that went 300,000 miles without an accident (save for one minor human-driven mishap), automakers around the globe are dog-piling onto the idea. But is the technology really there yet?

September 6th

Las Vegas Car Share Service Buys 100 Tesla Model S EVs

Tony Hsieh, the CEO of online shoe store Zappos, has a plan for downtown Las Vegas. Part of that plan includes a new car sharing service called Project 100. And by now you’ve probably concluded that Project 100 stands for the 100 Tesla Model S EVs at the core of this new car sharing service. But will it work?

Ford2go Car Sharing Service To Open In Germany

Once upon a time, owning a car was a middle-class dream for people all over the world. Yet as car ownership gets more and more expensive, consumers are looking to alternatives, such as car sharing, to offset the cost. Ford’s European division is launching its own car sharing service, called Ford2go, starting in Germany.

Video: Self-Driving Japanese Trucks Huddle Close For Fuel Savings

Since the invention of the so-called “automobile”, self-driving cars have never strayed far from the imagination of human beings. We finally appear to be on the cusp of seeing real progress in the world of autonomous vehicles, and as this next video of self-driving Japanese box trucks shows, the implications for both businesses and the environment are huge.

Video: A Self-Driving Nissan Leaf Guided By Cameras And An iPad

Some days it is hard not to marvel at the technology surrounding us on a daily basis. Smartphones, tablets, and electric cars are all in their beginning stages, and a team of U.K. researchers wants to integrate self-driving car technology into the Apple iPad. The result is a low-cost, self-driving Nissan Leaf that could pave the way for true “auto” mobiles.

February 28th

Google Car You’ve Got Competition

Volvo is considered one of the safest cars on the road. So how do you improve on that? Well, for Volvo the solution is to remove the human element. Volvo has announced development of a self-driving car and plans on having a self-driving fleet by 2020. Volvo is planning to release the first batch of […]

January 14th

Avis Makes A $500 Million Bid For ZipCar

Is car-sharing a trend for the future, or a flash-in-the-pan? That’s the question on a lot of minds these days as companies like ZipCar continue to grow, especially in the younger demographics. Eager to get into the game as well, rental car company Avis has put in a $491 million bid to buy ZipCar, though there are already questions regarding the legality of the sale.

January 3rd

Impact Investing and Alternative Transportation

The field of impact investing is a relatively new phenomenon, but its popularity is growing quickly, as investors seek financial AND other returns on their investments, usually environmental and social benefits. In impact investing, investors get to make a buck and feel good about it, too. Impact investing includes fairly mainstream investments, like Tesla’s initial public offering (IPO) that netted the company over $200 million.

November 28th

Scion iQ EV Will Be Available For College And Car-Sharing Usage Only

A couple of years ago when Toyota announced it was working on an all-electric version of its iQ microcar, EV enthusiasts were excited. But last month Toyota backtracked, saying it would launch just a small fleet of the tiny iQ EV. The Japanese automaker has now released details on where those few EVs are going, and it is mostly to college campuses and car-sharing services.

October 18th

Autolib Car Sharing Project Has Rocky Start

An ambitious electric car-sharing program started last year in Paris – long time Gas2 readers may remember the Autolib system, a dense network of charging stations and rentable electric BlueCars. The little silver cars with colorful stickers are supposed to number 3000 by the end of next year, but they seem to be ever so […]

March 27th