Car Sharing

Electric Car Sharing Set to Launch in Sacramento

Over one hundred EVs are being deployed in a car sharing initiative brought to Sacramento by Envoy and Electrify America.…

6 months ago

Experts Predict 33 Million Autonomous Cars by 2040

The results of a new study have Experts Predicting 33 Million Autonomous Cars will be sold to customers by 2040…

1 year ago

Uber is Selling its Subprime Lending Racket

After losing an estimated $9000 per car, Uber is Selling the Subprime Lending Racket it used to attract low income…

1 year ago

Uber Announces Plans to Buy 24,000 Self-driving Volvo Cars

Uber has Announced an agreement to Buy 24,000 Self-driving Volvo XC90 and S90 SPA platform autonomous Cars between 2019 and…

2 years ago

Professional Troll Laura Loomer Banned From Uber

A Professional Twitter Troll named Laura Loomer was banned From Uber recently for ignorant, racist online attacks against Muslim women.

2 years ago

DiDi Chuxing Partners With NEVS, Will Build Own Charging Network

Didi Chuxing is the largest ride hailing service in the world and has every attention of expanding its grip on…

2 years ago

Alphabet Gives Uber The Heave Ho

Alphabet, the parent of Google, has invested $1 billion in Lyft. The move is seen as a black eye to…

2 years ago

Power To Run Computers For Autonomous Cars Lowers Range

The computers needed to make autonomous cars possible require so much power, they actually reduce overall efficiency and fuel economy.…

2 years ago

Lyft Proposal Would Slash Congestion In Los Angeles

Lyft is working with engineers and city planners on ways to reduce urban congestion using more ride hailing and car…

2 years ago