Autonomous Cars

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Autonomous Ford Fusion Hybrid Revealed

Depending on whom you ask, automated cars are either right around the corner, or still decades away. Elon Musk says a 90% autonomous Tesla will be on the market by 2017, while other automakers are aiming for closer to 2020. Ford thinks automated vehicles need to be introduced in steps, and the first step is […]

December 13th

Most Drivers Would Opt For Self-Driving Cars

ATMs have replaced bank tellers, Netflix helped kill brick-and-mortar movie rental, and now autonomous cars threaten to deplete the ranks of drivers everywhere. A new study shows that 90% of Americans would buy an autonomous car if it meant a big discount on their insurance, and 20% would opt to never drive again. Say what? […]

November 11th

Google's Robot Cars Already Drive Better Than You Do

After hundreds of thousands of miles of testing, re-testing, compiling, and data-mining, the results are in. Google’s autonomous cars are not only better drivers than you are, they’re better than trained professionals. “We’re spending less time in near-collision states,” explains Chris Urmson, head of Google’s leads self-driving “robot car” programs and professor at Carnegie Mellon […]

October 26th

The Ethics of Driverless Cars

Autonomous cars are a reality on the roads today, and it might not be long before they become commonplace on America’s roads. This raises some serious issues though with the ethics of autonomous cars. One of the much lauded effects of having autonomous cars on the road is the predicted decrease in in traffic related deaths. […]

September 17th

Autonomous Cars: The Next Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles?

There has been a lot of buzz as of late regarding autonomous cars and the future of the automobile. While Google kick started the conversation with a self-driving Prius that went 300,000 miles without an accident (save for one minor human-driven mishap), automakers around the globe are dog-piling onto the idea. But is the technology really there yet?

September 6th