Autonomous Cars

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The Ethics of Driverless Cars

Autonomous cars are a reality on the roads today, and it might not be long before they become commonplace on America’s roads. This raises some serious issues though with the ethics of autonomous cars. One of the much lauded effects of having autonomous cars on the road is the predicted decrease in in traffic related deaths. […]

September 17th

Autonomous Cars: The Next Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles?

There has been a lot of buzz as of late regarding autonomous cars and the future of the automobile. While Google kick started the conversation with a self-driving Prius that went 300,000 miles without an accident (save for one minor human-driven mishap), automakers around the globe are dog-piling onto the idea. But is the technology really there yet?

September 6th

Google Car You’ve Got Competition

Volvo is considered one of the safest cars on the road. So how do you improve on that? Well, for Volvo the solution is to remove the human element. Volvo has announced development of a self-driving car and plans on having a self-driving fleet by 2020. Volvo is planning to release the first batch of […]

January 14th