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Nissan Leaf Security Flaws Leaked

Troy Hunt, a prominent security researcher, has exposed a flaw in the NissanConnect app which allows a remote user to access controls on Nissan Leafs (Leaves?) with only a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Hunt was able to control several remote features on a Nissan Leaf by exploiting security flaws in the company’s phone app. Using […]

March 4th

“Mall of the World” — Inside Dubai’s Domed City

Though maybe not the world’s first bio-dome, if all goes as planned in Dubai, in 2020, the “Mall of the World” will be the world’s first domed city. According to a Tech Insider article, Dubai Holding plans on construction of an entire city within a dome — climate controlled housing of hundreds of buildings, thousands […]

February 22nd

Jaden Smith Posts Up with Titanium Tesla Model X

The Tesla Model X is certainly a baller item, and at 17 years old, Jaden Smith is the youngest baller to own one. The son of former Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith was spotted by photographers posting up with his Tesla Titanium Model X in Los Angeles this Monday. Not only is […]

February 5th

Black History Month, Wendell Scott, and Race in Racing

Triple World Drivers’ Champion Lewis Hamilton gets a lot of praise for his on-track daring and aggressive, wheel-to-wheel driving, but something that’s rarely discussed in most F1 circles is Hamilton’s race. As an American used to hearing about “the first black president” or “the first black astronaut“, I’m surprised there isn’t more discussion about race […]

February 3rd

Formula 1 2016: Haas F1, Behind the Scenes Look

The long-awaited rise of an American racing team to Formula 1 has been a long time coming, and the fact that it’s NASCAR-championship winning Haas that’s carrying the flag- with full backing from Ferrari and IndyCar chassis maker, Dallara- has a lot of people understandably excited. As part of the lead-up to the team’s 2016 […]

January 13th

New Tesla Model X Videos and Images (Lots of ‘Em!)

With Tesla Model Xs reportedly in full production, and Signature Series Model Xs now being delivered, and even Tesla Model Xs reportedly arriving at showrooms soon, it won’t be long till Xs are everywhere (or at least seem like it), so I think this will be my last roundup article of Tesla Model Xs spotted around […]

December 22nd

Tesla Model S P90D Takes On Tesla Model S P85D (VIDEO)

Originally published on EV Obsession. Just how much faster does the Ludicrous Mode P90D seem during actual use than its predecessors? Say, as compared against the Insane Mode of the P85D, for instance? Does this matter, you might be asking yourself? Well, that depends on how obsessed with Tesla (and its cars) you are — […]

September 28th

Audi A3 E-Tron Commercial Rocks (Video)

I’m not shy about criticizing electric car commercials — many are boring, too nerdy, and too focused on the green side of EVs. Very few have tried to capture the fun of EVs, which is indeed one of their greatest consumer benefits, and what I think will drive EV adoption to the mass market… that […]

September 25th