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Black History Month, Wendell Scott, and Race in Racing

Triple World Drivers’ Champion Lewis Hamilton gets a lot of praise for his on-track daring and aggressive, wheel-to-wheel driving, but something that’s rarely discussed in most F1 circles is Hamilton’s race. As an American used to hearing about “the first black president” or “the first black astronaut“, I’m surprised there isn’t more discussion about race […]

February 3rd

Inspiring EV Adoption In Canada

Getting back to the “Electrifying Transport” panel I moderated during the Renewable Cities Global Learning Forum, this next presentation comes from Eve Hou, regarding “emotive.”

September 9th

Tesla P90D vs Dodge Hellcat (Toys)

Since not everyone can afford a Tesla Model S P90D, or a Dodge Hellcat, but a great many people who can’t afford them still love them, we occasionally end up with somewhat strange (but endearing) labors of love like the one below. I’m talking here about a video of a drag race between a Tesla […]

September 6th

5 Best Europe Drives In A Nissan LEAF? (Video)

By Cynthia Shahan If you don’t have the time in the immediate future to travel Europe, contemplate this brief journey through the eyes of a Nissan LEAF. The electric jaunt shares the 5 “most breathtaking electric drives” in Europe. Pass a few moments from Rieti to Rome (serenely riding from the heart of Italy to the […]

August 8th

Tesla Fremont Factory From A Drone (Video)

A Stephen Powelson recently created a pretty super video of the Tesla Fremont factory using a Phantom 3 drone. I caught word of the video when Stephen dropped it over in the Tesla Motors Club forum, his first post there. Much of the discussion there tapers off into a discussion on the legality of flying […]

July 23rd

New Bond Car Would Get Crushed By Tesla Model S P90DL

As I just wrote, the terminology I will now use for the Ludicrous Tesla Model S is Tesla Model S P90DL (or if I get lazy, Tesla P90DL… or if I get really lazy, P90DL… or if I get super lazy, L). Moving on… Tesla Motors Club forum member “robertvg” noticed today in a just-released 007 Spectre trailer […]

July 23rd

Tesla P85D Burns A Mercedes SLS AMG (Fan Commercial)

A German Tesla Model S P85D owner recently had a bit of fun with his kids and wife creating a Tesla commercial of sorts. I think best is just to watch it, but if you are not up for that, I’ll describe and discuss it a little bit below the video. So, basically, Matthias David sets […]

July 10th

Video: Around the World on a Vintage Vespa

Vintage Vespa scooters are marvelous things. Given a willingness to turn a wrench, some quality oil, and ready access to small parts, an enthusiastic rider can keep their Vespa going a long time. But what if you wanted to take your tiny-wheeled titan around the world? Could you make it?

February 16th

Poll: What Green Car Should be Ben Affleck's New Batmobile?

Ben Affleck is the new Batman. No matter how you feel about that decision, I think you’ll agree that the only chance Affleck has of filling Christian Bale’s colossal Bat-boots is to not even try. Don’t growl like a strep patient. Don’t hit on Anne Hathaway. Don’t crash a Lamborghini. Don’t drive the massive, 8-wheeled, […]

September 10th

Video: Corpses From Hell Moped Gang vs. Ruby X

My long-standing claims that the antics of a moped gang (club?) like the Hell’s Satans or Corpses From Hell constitutes “green” news rests on 2 things. First, their bikes get about 100 mpg, which seems like big news in an age when GM is touting 30 mpg cars in its ads. Second, these guys and gals have found a way to make the “green” aspect of their mopeds totally irrelevant – they’re just sweet rides.

May 26th

Charge Movie On The Big Screen Next Week Only!

Docurama Films is presenting Charge as part of their series opening in theaters across the country next week. Read our review here, and watch our interview with the director here. You can possibly win free tickets by liking Docurama on Facebook. It’s part of the Docurama Festival, sponsored by GE.

May 16th

Revenge of the Electric Car | Movie Review

This is one sequel where you don’t have to see the first movie, but it certainly helps. Fast forward not too far into the future, and you’ll learn why GM developed the Chevy Volt, the Hell Tesla went through to even get any vehicles delivered to customers, and Carlos Ghosn’s exceptionally bold strategy to beat the competition.

October 24th

Plug In Day | A Moment of Silence for the Oil Industry

On a typically gorgeous day in Los Angeles, I awoke at “racin’ time” (6am) to meet Harlan Flagg and some of his customers for a Sunday ride. We had a blast tearing through Beverly Hills then past the Tesla dealership and the incoming Fisker dealership en route to Plug In America’s parade in Santa Monica. Once there, I met with EV industry luminaries such as Chelsea Sexton and Ed Begley Jr.

October 17th

Watch Hunters Blast New Species in Epic's EV Action Promo (video)

California electric-vehicle manufacturer Epic uploaded a new promotional video yesterday, playing up the off-road capabilities of its AMP electric ATV. In the video (below) a team of environmentally-conscious hunters are enjoying Epic’s ultra-quiet and (therefor) super-sneaky side-by-side when they stumble upon some holographic alien technology lodged inside a human skull, which summons a giant wasp […]

September 24th