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Ecotality to Enter Huge Chinese EV Market

Electric transport and infrastructure company ECOtality has made a move to expand its manufacturing and distribution operations for electric vehicle charging systems in China by entering into a joint venture with the Chinese firm Shenzhen Goch Investment to establish a manufacturing base in China. In return for a $10 million investment, Shenzhen Goch Investment will […]

July 12th

Seattle will be the Leader in Clean Energy and Electric Vehicles

Editor’s Note: This is the first contribution to by Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels. Mayor Nickels is President of the US Conference of Mayors and was awarded the E-Visionary Award  by the World Electric Vehicle Association. For more, see When it comes to electric transportation, Seattle has a significant advantage. Our city-owned utility, Seattle City Light, […]

July 10th

PGE Jump-Starts Electric Vehicle Movement in Oregon

Editor’s Note: This is a guest contribution by Elaina Medina of Portland General Electric. [social_buttons] We are anticipating a large turnout at this year’s “EV Awareness Day” on Saturday, July 11, at Pioneer Courthouse Square in Portland, Ore. Portland General Electric is proud to sponsor this annual event hosted by the Oregon Electric Vehicle Association. […]

July 8th

Vancouver May Require Condos to Install Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

[social_buttons] In its self proclaimed quest to become “the world’s greenest city” Vancouver is considering adopting legislation that would require any new multi-family dwellings (condos) to have electric vehicle charging stations. Should this pass, Vancouver would be the first city in Canada to have such a policy. Vancouver already requires one and two dwelling homes […]

July 7th

Toyota Tests Solar Power Cargo Ship; It's Seaworthy

Cargo ships are notorious for their noxious fumes, and California is hinting at finally introducing tough legislation requiring that shipping clean up its act. So, sooner or later, you would expect to see a solar powered ship come chugging in to the Port of Long Beach in Southern California. Well, here it is. A test […]

July 7th

The Podcar: A Cross Between a Taxi and a Personal Bus

Masdar City, located within Abu Dhabi, is introducing personal rapid transit “podcars“. Basically, a cross between the convenience of grabbing a cab and a public bus; the podcars will be a component of Masdar City’s public transportation system. As part of Masdar City’s car-free design; these podcars will be part of a network of electric […]

April 17th

What Shade Of ‘Green’ Vehicle Does America Want?

[social_buttons] I was recently glancing through the Washington Post, when the headline, “Green Is In The Eye Of The Beholder,” caught my eye — mostly because I have been wondering a similar question question as of late: What, exactly, makes a vehicle “green?” It seems there are as many answers as there are shades of […]

February 11th