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Autonomous Trains Deployed In Russia

Originally published on Bikocity. A Rostec company, the V. Tikhomirov Scientific Research Institute of Instrument Design, recently deployed its newest software for autonomously controlling trains on Russian lines. The “driver-less train control” software will deploy first in Circle Line, Moscow Metro. The fully autonomous trains will be responsible for everything but opening and closing the […]

March 5th

Minneapolis Adds BRT Service

Minneapolis, Minnesota, is planning on starting BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) service beginning June 11th, with a route beginning in Rosedale, go through St. Paul along Snelling Ave. and Ford Parkway, and finally stopping in Minneapolis at the 46th St. light rail station.

February 26th

How Bike-Sharing Can Gain Popularity

Utpal M. Dholakia, the George R. Brown Professor of Marketing at Rice University, recently published an article on Psychology Today’s The Science of Behavior blog expressing opinions on “How to Make Bike-Sharing More Popular.” He writes, although public transit has not been the most popular form of transportation, bike-sharing is a “breath of fresh air.” […]

February 22nd

“Mall of the World” — Inside Dubai’s Domed City

Though maybe not the world’s first bio-dome, if all goes as planned in Dubai, in 2020, the “Mall of the World” will be the world’s first domed city. According to a Tech Insider article, Dubai Holding plans on construction of an entire city within a dome — climate controlled housing of hundreds of buildings, thousands […]

February 22nd

Bogotá, Colombia, Progresses Future of Transit

Bogotá, Colombia, has a new vision for bicycle transit. A new message if you will. As part of the city’s 16th annual Car-Free Day, February 4th, the people helped transform one lane of a bustling city street into a two-way bike-only lane. The city had already introduced a bike lane on the street 16 years ago, […]

February 19th

Teaching Tots What Makes Towns Tick

When Peter Sullivan, an urban planner, volunteered to give a career presentation to a class full of children – pre-kindergarten children – a dilemma suddenly arose in his mind – how do I make urban planning interesting and fun for a room full of kids? In an article he recently wrote on, Sullivan recounted […]

February 15th

Obama’s 2017 Budget Request: What It Means for Cyclists

On February 9th, President Barack Obama presented his fiscal year 2017 (FY17) budget requests outlining his administration’s spending recommendations for the upcoming year. What did the office have to say about improving conditions and infrastructure for bicycles? The President emphasized the need to grow transportation choices across the country. The federal government funds various programs […]

February 15th

Transit Data In Motion

In 2016, transit data is important to any urban city. Without access to this information, people are left to guess how long it will take to get from point A to point B, the norm just a few decades ago, but a luxury that most nowadays are unwilling to live without. It took many years to […]

February 15th

Brooklyn–Queens Connection: The Future of NYC Transit

In a $2.2 billion proposal, New York City mayor Bill de Blasio looks to begin installation of a 16 mile streetcar line connecting Brooklyn and Queens via the East River. The idea is to facilitate transportation for some of New York’s growing, yet still transit-deficient, areas. Imagine a trolley system lining the East River and delivering a long-awaited public transit […]

February 6th

Bikesharing A Commuter’s Business

Citi Bike certainly has taken off in New York City. The bikesharing system is enjoyed by adventurous tourists, recreational residents, and daily commuters alike. However, new statistics are emerging that show commuters are actually representing an impressive percentage of Citi Bike riders. This supports the wheels turning in federal legislation to make “bikeshare” an official […]

February 6th

Public Transportation Decreases In 2015

The number of US public transit riders took a dip at the beginning of 2015 according to the American Public Transportation Association. Approximately 5.3 billion trips were taken on public transportation during the first 6 months of last year — a decrease of roughly 50 million as opposed to 2014. Certain public transit systems actually recorded […]

February 4th

Public Transportation Saves You Money

With the new year of 2016 well underway, how well have you kept your new year’s resolution? Whether it be to lose a few pounds, save a few dollars or do your part creating a better future, public transportation is a great way to knock out all three. It’s easy to understand why billions of people […]

February 2nd

Tesla Superchargers = Big Trump Card For Electric Car Desire

Following our articles on 1) battery preferences of electric car drivers & likely buyers and 2) range requirements + hypothetical range–price tradeoffs, in our 9th article pulled from Electric Cars: What Early Adopters & First Followers Want — a new report from CleanTechnica, EV Obsession, and GAS2 — the topic is charging, charging, charging. The other side of the range coin is charging. With inductive, wireless charging […]

January 31st

How To Get People Into EVs

Following up on the best things about electric cars, in our 6th article pulled from Electric Cars: What Early Adopters & First Followers Want — a new report from CleanTechnica, EV Obsession, and GAS2 — I’m jumping into what EV drivers and enthusiasts consider to be the best ways to promote EVs and spread the EV revolution. Responses from EV drivers (from the […]

January 29th

Electric Car Features & Classes Most Desired

In our 7th article pulled from Electric Cars: What Early Adopters & First Followers Want — a new report from CleanTechnica, EV Obsession, and GAS2 — I’m jumping into some of the really juicy stuff — specific features people want, car classes people are interested in, and some specifics regarding batteries. We asked only the non-owners/lessees about required and desired features […]

January 29th