Mass transit

Harbour Air Set to Become First All-electric Airline

Harbour Air recently announced plans to convert its fleet of over 30 seaplanes to electric power with help from motor…

3 months ago

More Electric Volvo 7900 Bus Orders for the Netherlands

Volvo Buses has announced a few new electric bus contracts, for a total of 23 electric buses. The electric bus…

11 months ago

Detroit QLine Electric Street Car Route Opens This Weekend (w/Video)

The QLine electric street car line is set to open along Detroit's famed Woodward Avenue this weekend. Supporters hope it…

2 years ago

New Budget Deal Preserves Funding To Electrify Rail Lines In California

Funding for the Peninsular Electrification Project for rail lines between San Francisco and San Jose has been included in the…

2 years ago

Mass Transit is Rapidly Changing through New Materials

New materials and manufacturing processes are changing the future of mass transit.

2 years ago

RATP Autonomous EV Shuttle Service Launched in Paris (w/ Video)

A new RATP Autonomous EV Shuttle Service Launched in Paris this week, taking up to twelve passengers across the Charles…

2 years ago

Elon’s Tunnel Under The Sepulveda Pass

The internet has been abuzz with Elon Musk's recent proclamation that he will dig a tunnel under the 405 (the busiest…

2 years ago

Autonomous Trains Deployed In Russia

Originally published on Bikocity. A Rostec company, the V. Tikhomirov Scientific Research Institute of Instrument Design, recently deployed its newest…

3 years ago

The Influence of Free Parking on Commuting

Overall, the only way to increase public transport ridership while decreasing drivers is to eliminate parking benefits.

3 years ago