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Tesla May Share Superchargers With Other Manufacturers

Electric cars would be more attractive to prospective buyers if charging stations were more ubiquitous, and Tesla understands that, hence its construction of the Supercharger network. The Superchargers, which charge way faster than other chargers, are for Tesla cars. However, Tesla has said it is open to the idea of sharing the Superchargers with cars of other brands. […]

September 26th

7-Question EV Survey

Via CleanTechnica: I’ve started writing an electric vehicle report based on the three EV surveys we conducted recently (especially this EV driver survey and this wannabe EV driver survey), but a few extra questions were suggested or came to mind that it seems are quite important to include. So, below is a quick survey to fill in these […]

September 21st

Tesla Tops Tennessee Charging Stations

The great state of Tennessee has seen its share of innovation. From Memphis to Oak Ridge to Nashville, the Volunteer State has been the site of much technological and social progress. With that said, the EV movement has taken hold with Tesla leading the way, and that EV company has recently been crowned for offering the most reliable […]

September 21st

Tesla: Supercharger Use For Road Trips Has Quintupled

Tesla Motors has been rapidly installing its Superchargers across the United States, and it is clearly bent on covering the whole country, but how often do people actually use them? I don’t know how often people actually use them. However, Tesla announced that usage rates for road trips exploded by a factor of 5 since last summer. Why? Tesla […]

September 16th

Reminder: Take This Survey!!!

Originally published on EV Obsession. If you, like me, are a “wannabe” EV owner, here’s one last reminder to complete the survey below. You can also click this link and complete it there. In either case, be sure to click “Done” when you complete it. Create your own user feedback survey For those eager for more information about […]

September 1st

Plug’n Drive Is Rockin’ It (Exclusive Video)

Originally published on EV Obsession. Cara Clairman gave the 4th presentation in the Renewable Cities “Trends, innovations, and barriers in electrifying transportation” panel that I recently moderated in Vancouver. (See my presentation, Brian Hansen’s, and Gil Friend’s if you missed them.) As the CEO and president of Plug’n Drive, as well as the driver of a […]

August 27th

500th Tesla Supercharger Installed

It’s crazy to think about. Fewer than 3 years ago, there were no Superchargers. Today, Tesla opened Supercharger #500 — in Moers, Germany. Incidentally, it is the same day that Consumer Reports revealed the Tesla P85D had broken its rating system, achieving 103 out of 100 points. The Supercharger network, something Tesla either didn’t think was that critical […]

August 27th

Palo Alto: Electric Vehicle & Clean Transport Leader (Exclusive Video)

Originally published on CleanTechnica. Third in my series on the Renewable Cities “Trends, innovations, and barriers in electrifying transportation” panel that I moderated, this article is about Gil Friend’s wonderful presentation. (See my intro and Brian Hansen’s presentation on Copenhagen electrification and clean transport for the prequels.) Gil is Chief Sustainability Officer for the City of Palo Alto, and is […]

August 27th

Tesla + Marvin Gaye Get Down :D

Someone had to do it… I’m not sure what else to say about that. But here are related stories: Tesla Snake Charger Gets Real Is Tesla Looking To Sell “SEXY” Brand? Elon Musk Hints At “Solid Metal Snake” Tesla Chargers  

August 26th

Complete Transportation In Copenhagen (Exclusive Video)

Following up on my intro for the “Electrifying Transport” panel at the recent Renewable Cities Global Learning Forum in Vancouver, Canada, his piece shares and summarizes the presentation given by Brian Hansen, Head of Department Citywide Strategies for the City of Copenhagen. While the panel was generally about the electrification of transportation, some of the panelists noted the importance of a […]

August 25th

Wireless EV Charging That Could Compete With A Tesla Supercharger?

Originally published on EV Obsession. What do you say to the idea of a commercial wireless electric vehicle (EV) charging system that can recharge a battery as fast as one of Tesla’s Supercharger stations can? Does that sound plausible to you? While skepticism seems merited in this case, one of Momentum Dynamics’ researchers (John M […]

August 24th

Top 10 Gas2 Posts of the Week

Here are the 10 most popular Gas2 articles from the past week. Enjoy! Ludicrous Tesla P90D — 1st Reactions (+ Video!) Beast Mode Tesla Model S (Gotta See) Electric Disruption Should Be Taken Seriously Mercedes Is Saying Goodbye To Tesla Cheapest Tesla Model S Yet? 19 New Tesla Model X Spy Shots & Videos (via EV Obsession) […]

August 24th

Airbnb & Tesla Become Friends

Interestingly, right after a couple of us in the electric vehicle community put some words in with Airbnb to enhance the consumer experience for electric vehicle drivers, it has announced a partnership with Tesla. I’m sure the partnership didn’t come about in under one week, so I’m sure it’s coincidence more than anything else, but interesting […]

August 22nd

Electric Car Survey For Non-Owners & Non-Lessees

Our survey of electric car owners and lessees went very well, with 800 people completing the survey! A couple of years ago, I think we wouldn’t have gotten half that number. But now is time for the really big one — a survey of wannabe electric car owners/lessees! (If you don’t yet own or lease an electric car […]

August 22nd

Electric Disruption Should Be Taken Seriously

Originally published on EV Obsession. Technology changes fast these days. How many iterations of cell phones or computers have we now lived through? How quickly have music-playing mediums changed? But there’s a big difference between incremental changes in technology and “disruptive” technology shifts. A transition from cassette tapes to CDs was one thing, but a transition […]

August 22nd