EV Charging

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EV and Fleets: Electric Heat Hits the Streets

[social_buttons] Scanning the week’s news of the leading fleet magazine, more than half the headlines are focused on automotive manufacturers including Toyota, Ford, Nissan and their commitment to greening of their fleets by moving to electric vehicle technologies. For example, Nissan plans to use a $1.6 billion U.S. loan to rework a Tennessee factory so […]

August 24th

Creating the Infrastructure of Innovation

[social_buttons] August is hotter than ever for those of us who envision a future where the streets are populated with plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles and powered by renewable energies. The month began with the unveiling of Nissan’s Leaf electric vehicle. On Wednesday, President Obama and the Department of Energy announced $2.4 billion in grants […]

August 6th

Portland Lands Major Upgrade to Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

For a city with so many amazing trees, Portland is getting ready to add a bunch of new LEAFs to our streets. [social_buttons] No, that’s not a typo. I’m talking about the LEAF, Nissan’s just-unveiled electric vehicle, which is set to hit dealerships in the fall of 2010. In our quest to be the nation’s […]

August 5th

Aerovironment Unveils 800kW EV Charger

[social_buttons] Talk about rapid charging! Aerovironment today unveiled a near-megawatt scale electric vehicle charging system for the U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC). The AV-800 delivers DC current at 800 volts, up to 999 amps in single-channel mode and 500 amps in independent dual channel mode. The bi-directional unit can also […]

August 4th

Clean Green Breeze in Santa Monica

[social_buttons] Editor’s Note: This is the first post from Nevres Cefo, author of Two Cents Per Mile: Will President Obama Make it Happen with the Stroke of a Pen? For more information, please visit his website. I am thrilled, not just about all of the current green action, activism, and blogging…but also the real life […]

July 30th

San Jose Leading Electric Vehicle Charge

[social_buttons] Editor’s Note: John Gartner is Editor in Chief of Matter Network and an Industry Analyst at Pike Research While San Francisco and Portland are each publicly claiming they’ll have the best electric vehicle networks in place in their cities, San Jose may be have made the most progress. The city of San Jose has […]

July 29th

EV’s and Road Trips – Are we ready?

[social_buttons] Gasoline is a nasty thing.  When we burn it we foul the air with pollutants and when we import it we cause economic and political problems.  So we’re interested in switching to electricity as a fuel – are we ready? There is no question that today’s EVs and all those planned by the automakers […]

July 27th

Student-Built Electric Car Charges In 10 Minutes

[social_buttons] MIT students are developing an electric car that could easily compete with petro-based vehicles. Using a 2010 Mercury Milan hybrid and 7,905 lithium iron-phosphate batteries, the car fully charges in about 10 minutes. Whereas most EVs require overnight charging to reach full capacity, this is clearly a game changer.

July 27th

Nissan Plans Wireless Charging on Electric Cars

[social_buttons] It seems we just can’t move these days for news of Nissan’s EV strategy. Well, today’s no exception, with news of Nissan’s plan to develop wireless charging technology to make charging electric cars easier and faster. The system, based on the principle of inductive charging, employs the same electromagnetic field technology used to charge […]

July 21st

Ecotality to Enter Huge Chinese EV Market

Electric transport and infrastructure company ECOtality has made a move to expand its manufacturing and distribution operations for electric vehicle charging systems in China by entering into a joint venture with the Chinese firm Shenzhen Goch Investment to establish a manufacturing base in China. In return for a $10 million investment, Shenzhen Goch Investment will […]

July 12th

Seattle will be the Leader in Clean Energy and Electric Vehicles

Editor’s Note: This is the first contribution to gas2.org by Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels. Mayor Nickels is President of the US Conference of Mayors and was awarded the E-Visionary Award  by the World Electric Vehicle Association. For more, see electriccarrace.org. When it comes to electric transportation, Seattle has a significant advantage. Our city-owned utility, Seattle City Light, […]

July 10th

PGE Jump-Starts Electric Vehicle Movement in Oregon

Editor’s Note: This is a guest contribution by Elaina Medina of Portland General Electric. [social_buttons] We are anticipating a large turnout at this year’s “EV Awareness Day” on Saturday, July 11, at Pioneer Courthouse Square in Portland, Ore. Portland General Electric is proud to sponsor this annual event hosted by the Oregon Electric Vehicle Association. […]

July 8th