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Electric Truck Overview — Electric Light-Duty Trucks, Medium-Duty Trucks, & Heavy-Duty Trucks

As exciting as the coming era of electric cars is, with its promise of swift, silent, emissions-free transportation for all, the truth is that trucks are some of the biggest polluters on the road. According to the US Department of Transportation, nearly 50% of all emissions from the transportation sector are attributable to light-, medium-, and heavy-duty trucks. So where are all the electric trucks? When will you be able to buy an electric truck? What’s going on in the electric truck startup world? For the purposes of this discussion, we will look at four categories of electric trucks — light-duty trucks, delivery trucks, freight trucks, and trash trucks.

December 6th

Electric Car Features & Classes Most Desired

In our 7th article pulled from Electric Cars: What Early Adopters & First Followers Want — a new report from CleanTechnica, EV Obsession, and GAS2 — I’m jumping into some of the really juicy stuff — specific features people want, car classes people are interested in, and some specifics regarding batteries. We asked only the non-owners/lessees about required and desired features […]

January 29th

Getting A Chevy Volt For $17,400

Originally published on EV Obsession. With a much-improved 2nd-generation Chevy Volt about to hit garages, there are some great offers out there on 1st-gen Volts. As just one example, an Iowan recently spotted a 2014 Volt for $25,900 that is still eligible for the $7,500 tax credit, bringing it down to just $18,400. However, he actually got it […]

September 2nd

London Boosting Electric Car Incentives

Those wanting to lead the world to a cleaner future and drive on electricity in London are getting another boost. “Ultra low-emission vehicles” (basically, electric cars) are getting a further reduction in London’s congestion charge, and taxi drivers with cars >10 years of age can get a decommissioning grant to drop their polluters and go electric. […]

July 24th

Featherweight 2014 Nissan LeMans Engine Revealed

Generating 400 HP from less than 40 kg of mass is no easy feat, but the big brains at Nissan’s motorsports division have managed to wrestle space, time, and physics into submission on this one. The 1.5 liter, three-cylinder, turbocharged engine you see here is going to add some fossil-burning power to Nissan’s 2014 LeMans […]

January 27th

BMW i3 EV Super Gallery (11 Photos, 1 Video)

One of the great things about going to auto shows is the bags of swag you get to take home. Most of the time, the “swag” is a throw-away USB drive, but sometimes it’s a bit better. In the case of the BMW display at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show, we got a great little […]

January 18th