Hybrid Vehicles

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Coal-Power Can't Stop Plug-In Hybrids From Beating Normal Cars

As Benjamin reported on EcoGeek last week, even if all plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) were recharged by coal-based electricity, they would still be an improvement over regular cars. Take a look at this graph from Technology Review, who reported that “plug-ins always result in lower emissions than conventional cars.” They beat hybrids too, unless […]

April 28th

MIT Study Predicts Well-to-Wheel Vehicle Emissions for 2030

Recently, I discussed the interaction between clean energy and the future of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs). The study cited makes it clear that unless we clean up power production, there isn’t much point in moving to PHEVs from regular, old hybrids (HEVs). Interestingly enough, MIT has just come out with a new study, profiled […]

April 17th

Chevy Volt's Lithium-Ion Batteries Road- Tested By Month's End

  [social_buttons] GM’s plug-in hybrid electric car, the Chevy Volt, will have its lithium-ion batteries road-tested by end of the month. Engineers have already been testing the Volt’s electrical hybrid system, the so-called E-Flex architecture, but only with nickel-metal hydride hybrid batteries in place. The newer, more advanced lithium-ion batteries are seen as the key […]

April 10th

Mercedes 40-MPG Diesel Hybrid: Cleanest SUV on the Planet

Mercedes plans to release a diesel-hybrid SUV capable of 40 miles per gallon, with cleaner emissions than your standard car. Demo’d at the 2008 Geneva Auto show, the SUV is built on Mercedes’ relatively new BlueTec emissions control technology—a combination of catalytic converters and advanced chemical processing that scrubs out the worst pollutants produced by […]

April 7th

Toyota to Pioneer Hybrid Racing Technology?

Image source: Nordvik [social_buttons] According to AutoBlogGreen there is currently a bit of buzz surrounding the possibility that Toyota will enter a hybrid into the 2009 LeMans race. They’ve already missed the deadline if they wanted to enter a hybrid in 2008, but since they’re in it to win it, it appears that they will […]

April 2nd

Google To Spend $10 Million on Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle Project

[social_buttons] As usual, Google is at the forefront of, well, everything. But this one is a little surprising: their philanthropic branch, Google.org, is putting $10 million into plug-in electric hybrid research and real-world testing. If you’ve been reading Gas 2.0 lately, you already know that’s as much as will be rewarded to the winners of […]

March 24th

100 MPG+ Plug-In Hybrids Already Available (Check ’em Out)

Not everyone is waiting until 2010 to get their first plug-in hybrid. As I reported previously, Hybrids Plus out of Boulder, CO, is offering conversions for the Toyota Prius and Ford Escape hybrids, turning them into 100 MPG+ superstars. I’ve collected a little more background on Prius hybrid hacks, and a few more resources. Check […]

March 13th

Get 120 MPG Out of Your Prius (Plug It In)

55 MPG isn’t good enough for you? Then try adding a plug to your hybrid. The electric-car company ZAP, in conjunction with Hybrids Plus, has announced it will offer plug-in hybrid conversions for the Toyota Prius and the Ford Escape Hybrid: Hybrid vehicles retrofitted with systems from Hybrids Plus of Boulder, Colorado can achieve a […]

March 11th

A Biodiesel Prius? VW To Release 69.9 MPG Diesel Hybrid (We Thought)

Update: VW announced this car will not be built because it was deemed “too expensive.” Sorry Folks, VW Diesel Electric Hybrid Not Coming to US. Toyota may lose its high-mileage stranglehold on the U.S. auto industry, thanks to Volkswagen’s new Golf hybrid-electric diesel. At 69.9 MPG, the new model is a serious contender for high-mileage […]

March 3rd

Will Plug-In Hybrids Become the Standard?

Farmers are planting corn and soybeans like crazy, turning food crops into ethanol and biodiesel. Scientists are squeezing oil out of algae while others are trying to coax hydrogen into a fuel that is easy to produce and safe to use. Still other developers are touting the battery-operated electric car, and one company is building […]

January 30th