EV charging

5 Tips to Pick a Winter-ready Home Charging Station

As I sit here typing this in the near suburbs of Chicago, the wind chill is -50 and the governor…

5 months ago

The Newest EV Data: CleanTechnica’s 2018 EV Report is Now Available

For the third year in a row, CleanTechnica has published an in-depth report on electric car drivers in North America…

8 months ago

Taycan Fast Charging Station Gets a Name: Porsche Pit Stop

It took a while for the Porsche Mission e to get an official name. Even after settling on Taycan, however,…

9 months ago

Sweden Announces “Unlimited Range” EV Highway

The electric road- one that charges electric cars and trucks as the drive across it- is often seen as the…

1 year ago

Gas2 Week in Review: Tesla Is Tested — In Model 3 Production and In Person during a Middle East Roadtrip

This edition of the "Gas2 Week in Review" captures a first-timer's experiences up-close-and-personal with Teslas.

1 year ago

CES 2018: Honda PCX Electric Scooter w/ Battery Swap Tech

Launched at CES 2018: Honda PCX Electric Scooter w/ Battery Swap Tech taht could do for light electric vehicles what…

1 year ago

Continental is Bringing New Wireless EV Battery Tech to CES

Continental is Bringing a New, two-part Wireless EV Battery charging Technology to the CES show in Las Vegas this January.

2 years ago

Union Of Concerned Scientists Says It’s Cheaper To Drive An EV Than A Conventional Car

The Union of Concerned Scientists says driving an EV saves the typical American $770 a year in lower fuel and…

2 years ago

SAE Publishes New Wireless Charging Standard For Up To 11 kW Of Power

The SAE has published a new standard for wireless charging systems like the WiTiricity DRIVE 11 product that support up…

2 years ago