Fossil fuels

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Audi TDI Place Second in European LeMans

I’ve posted in the past about a possible hybrid LeMans car and performance diesels, but today there is some actual news on some non-gasoline race cars from Audi. As reported by AutoBlogGreen, Audi recently took second place in their first showing with the diesel-powered cars in the European LeMans (this is after having raced these […]

April 8th

Mercedes 40-MPG Diesel Hybrid: Cleanest SUV on the Planet

Mercedes plans to release a diesel-hybrid SUV capable of 40 miles per gallon, with cleaner emissions than your standard car. Demo’d at the 2008 Geneva Auto show, the SUV is built on Mercedes’ relatively new BlueTec emissions control technology—a combination of catalytic converters and advanced chemical processing that scrubs out the worst pollutants produced by […]

April 7th

The World’s Most Fuel Efficient Car: 285 MPG, Not A Hybrid

[UPDATE 9/15/09]: Volkswagen’s Diesel-Hybrid L1 Concept Gets 170 MPG, Available by 2013 Welcome Google search visitors: This is just one of many articles produced here on a daily basis on Gas 2.0. If you find this post interesting, sign up for our RSS feed and stay up to date. This is what a team of […]

March 12th

US Will Export $440 Billion For Oil In 2008

How much does business-as-usual cost? This morning, Green Car Congress reported that the US is projected to pay $440 billion for imported petroleum in 2008: The increase to the estimated $440 billion for 2008 is based on an average $90 per barrel crude oil price for the year. In 2002, before the current bull market […]

March 10th

A Biodiesel Prius? VW To Release 69.9 MPG Diesel Hybrid (We Thought)

Update: VW announced this car will not be built because it was deemed “too expensive.” Sorry Folks, VW Diesel Electric Hybrid Not Coming to US. Toyota may lose its high-mileage stranglehold on the U.S. auto industry, thanks to Volkswagen’s new Golf hybrid-electric diesel. At 69.9 MPG, the new model is a serious contender for high-mileage […]

March 3rd

U.S. Gasoline Still Among World's Cheapest

While gasoline prices continue to inch upward, the U.S. still enjoys some of the cheapest fuel in the world. put together a list of world gas prices that could make you feel better about $3 per gallon gas. Country and Price per US gallon: Norway $ 8.67 Netherlands $ 8.52 Belgium $ 8.36 Germany […]

March 3rd

Germans Release 117 MPG Diesel Sportscar: Biodiesel, Anyone?

The German company Loremo (short for low-resistance mobile) released a turbodiesel sportscar at last September´s Frankfurt International Auto Show capable of a whopping 117 mpg and range of no less than 621 miles. They also plan on hybrid and electric models, and even one that runs on vegetable oil. High-mileage-sportscar may sound like an oxymoron, […]

February 14th

The Growing Need for Fuel Substitution, Efficiency, and Conservation

Stacy Feldman of wrote a prescient post today about the coming clash between growing car demand and peak oil. Basically, there will be so many new cars added to the road in the next ten years (think China, India) that global petroleum usage will increase overall, even with drastic fuel efficiency increases. Add to […]

January 25th

Biodiesel Guide: 7 Steps to Buying a Diesel

Thinking about ‘converting’ to biodiesel? It’s not as hard as you think. This series of posts is intended for readers looking to start using biodiesel by finding an older diesel vehicle, ‘converting it’, and then finding a local fuel source. Before embarking on a biodiesel adventure, it may be a good idea to determine whether […]

January 9th

Car Hacker's Hummer Gets 60 MPG

If you haven’ heard of the Motorhead Messiah, Jonathan Goodwin, let me introduce you: he hacks cars for a living, and he can get 60 mpg out of an H3 Hummer while doubling the horsepower and cutting emissions in half. Unbelievable? Yes, but this is no joke, and it’s doesn’t defy the laws of physics […]

December 14th

How to Get 76 MPG

We don’t need new technology to save us, just a little ingenuity. After a few minor tweaks, Ernie Rogers can get up to 76 mpg in his 2003 VW diesel Beetle: He drove 1375 miles…[on] just 18 gallons of fuel– 1200 miles of which was accomplished on just one tankfull (15.5 gallons). His trip fuel […]

December 12th