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Toyota, Panasonic, Tesla Among Clean 200 Leading Companies

There is a common perception in the financial community that companies who focus on being socially responsible are should be commended for their activism but avoided by investors. Carbon Clean 200 wants to dispel that notion. In fact, by its analysis, companies that rank high on its list outperform those that don’t by a factor of […]

August 21st

Ford Exec Says Regulations Could Make Future Cars Too Expensive

Jim Farley, who is the head of European operations at Ford, says that the regulations imposed by the European Union on vehicle emissions will make future cars so expensive that ordinary people will no longer be able to afford them. The car business will become an “elitist industry,” Farley tells the Financial Times (subscription required).

June 9th

Car Makers And Dealers Oppose Quebec Emissions Plan

In the wake of the COP21 carbon emissions summit in Paris and the new attitude toward climate change embraced by the Justin Beiber Trudeau administration, the province of Quebec has proposed sweeping new regulations designed to dramatically increase the number electric vehicles on its roads and highways. The plan would include fines for manufacturers that […]

June 3rd