Climate change

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Climate Change is Real. When Do We Start Moving?

Evidence for climate change is all around us these days. With weather extremes ranging from super-typhoons in Asia to an eerily quiet 2013 Atlantic hurricane season potentially setting us up for some serious Gulf Stream weirdness next year, neither highly-informed climate scientists OR the mush-brained idiots claiming climate change isn’t a thing have any idea […]

November 2nd

Texas is Fracked: More than 30 Towns Will be Out of Water due to Fracking

More than 30 towns in West Texas will soon be out of water as a direct result of diverting their well water for use in hydraulic fracking. Largely unregulated fracking, it should be said. Largely unregulated fracking that is definitely putting arsenic into the ground it happens to be drying out. Before you start acting horrified, though, consider: this is exactly what Texas’ mental-midget teabillies voted for.

August 16th

American Isolationism and Climate Change

Over the last few weeks the United States has experienced record breaking heat waves. Drought has hit the American heartland and wildfires are raging in the American west. Democracy Now correspondents recently questioned a panel of environmental experts as to what the hell is going on.  The take away; climate change is real and is […]

August 2nd

Experiments Link High CO2 Levels To Stupid Fish

A new study in Nature Climate Change shows that acidification can cause detrimental behavioral changes in fish. It turns out CO2 really can mess with a creature’s head. Scientists know that Co2 emissions are not always good. In the marine department, the common thought was that the creatures hit hardest by CO2 emissions were plankton, […]

January 26th

Study Links Air Pollution to Cyclones in the Arabian Sea

There are certain groups of people in the world today who deny mankind’s ability to alter the environment in any way, shape or form. The unfortunate reality is that mankind has already altered our planet’s ecology and atmosphere in ways we are only just starting to understand. A new report indicates that aerosol build ups in Asia are weakening winds and allowing larger, stronger cyclones to form in the Arabian Sea.

November 7th

Not a Road: is BP to Blame for This Massive Fish Kill?

What seems to be a serene country road (above) is actually a massive Gulf fish kill.  Fish kills are common along the Gulf of Mexico, where dead zones pop up almost every year – but these fish kills have typically been limited to a single species of fish.  What you see above, however, is a broad […]

September 16th

Ethanol Speedster to Storm Antarctica

That dangerous-looking propeller/catamaran thing?  It’s taking a team of 11 researchers on a trip that will cover 3,600 miles of the Antarctic surface as part of the (awesomely named) Moon Regan Transantarctic Expedition. That thing is pointy, loud, and fast… and you know you want one.  Find out more about this biofuel-burning ice-rider, after the jump.

August 31st

Around the World in 80 Amps Days

With plans to converge on this year’s UN climate conference in Cancun, Mexico, 3 teams set out from Switzerland, Phileas Fogg-style, on an 80-day electric vehicle adventure aboard a trio of advanced EVs… all of which are available right now. More on the teams and vehicles, after the jump.

August 23rd

In Copenhagen, 14 of World’s Biggest Cities Commit to EVs

Fourteen of the world’s largest cities agreed to take steps over the coming year to make their cities more electric vehicle-friendly. The announcement was made at the ‘Climate Summit for Mayors’, which is being held alongside the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. Half the world’s population lives in cities that account for more than […]

December 18th

Climate Change a Threat to Russian Oil Wealth

[social_buttons] Two million square miles of permafrost—an area two-thirds the size of the United States has now thawed since the beginning of the 20th century. And all that thawing permafrost is costing the Russian oil and gas industry billions of dollars to repair damaged pipelines and infrastructure as global warming changes the face of western […]

November 25th

Physicians Group Comes Out Strongly Against Coal Power

[social_buttons] It’s been known for a long time that the emissions from coal are harmful, both to the environment and human health. Yet, because it’s so plentiful, the U.S. still gets the majority of its electricity from coal-fired power. With the world focused on increasing the use of plug-in cars, where we get our future […]

November 20th

CO2, Methane Ousted as Worst Global Climate Change Chemicals

[social_buttons] Move over CO2—you’ve been ousted, along with methane, as the biggest offenders of global climate change. According to a new a study by Purdue University and NASA, the major chemicals most frequently cited as leading to climate change, namely carbon dioxide and methane, are actually outclassed in their warming potential by compounds receiving less […]

November 19th

Smith Electric Vehicles Goes to Washington

[social_buttons] Smith Electric Vehicles made its much heralded first U.S. Smith Newton electric vehicle deliveries to lucky Coca Cola and PG&E today. But it delivered them on The Mall in hopes of snagging some attention from lawmakers on the Hill. In this debut it was following the example of Plug-In America that got some great […]

July 29th

Eleven Leading National Experts Reach Consensus on Good Biofuels

“Recent analyses of the energy and greenhouse-gas performance of alternative biofuels have ignited a controversy that may be best resolved by applying two simple principles,” begins the summary from a new joint research paper entitled, “Beneficial Biofuels – The Food, Energy and Environment Trilemma“. The paper was published in the July 17, 2009 issue of […]

July 21st