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Toyota and 7-11 Partner Up for Hydrogen

7-11 has contract Toyota to develop an exclusive line of hydrogen fuel cell powered delivery trucks. The move is part of a larger effort by 7-11 to reduce its carbon emissions in Japan and promote more environmentally friendly vehicles, in general. The delivery trucks, themselves, will be built by Toyota’s Hino Motors unit. They will […]

August 24th

easyJet To Test Electric Aircraft Features

The European airline easyJet is set to test several progressive enviro-friendly features for installation on its aircraft. The proposed advancements center around creating fuel-efficient aircraft taxiing. easyJet plans on storing hydrogen fuel cells in the hold of the craft that are recharged by braking and electric wheel motors. Airplane taxiing consumes approximately 4% of easyJet’s annual fuel expenditures […]

February 5th