Energy Storage

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Local Motors Aims To Produce 3D-Printed Car In 2016

Originally published on CleanTechnica. Wow, Local Motors sure is busy this year. This unusual auto manufacturer specializes in collaborative open source design, microfactories, and 3D printing, and we took note when the company kicked off 2015 by hooking up with the US Energy Department for a new lightweight design challenge. What we didn’t note was […]

July 15th

Cleantech Talk #7: EV Battery Special

This week’s Cleantech Talk news episode is something like a “battery special.” Chris DeMorro and I talk about new research highlighting the fast-dropping price of electric vehicle batteries, the wide variation in the lifetimes of different lithium-ion cells, and VW’s stake in solid-state battery startup QuantumScape. We started off the show chatting about new research highlighting a “hidden […]

March 30th

Volkswagen To Decide On Solid-State Batteries By July

What is the future of EV battery technology? That’s a question many automakers find themselves asking, and as Volkswagen finds itself vying for position of the world’s largest automaker, it’s an increasingly important question to answer. Bloomberg reports that Volkswagen will make a decision this July on whether or not to pursue solid-state batteries. The […]

March 25th

Samsung Buys Magna Steyr Battery Division

Samsung has just struck a deal with Magna Steyr to buy its battery business. Never heard of Magna Steyr? That’s not surprising. It is one of those “behind the scenes” companies that helps the big name car companies bring their cars to market. It builds car parts for Audi, Fiat, GM and Volkswagen, providing critical […]

February 26th

Tesla Wants To Be Your Home Battery Company

Tesla may be ready to unveil a home battery energy storage system soon. During a conference call with investors earlier this week, Tesla CEO Elon Musk let it slip that the design of the battery is complete and production could begin in about 6 months. “The long-term demand for stationary energy storage is extraordinary,” added JB […]

February 15th