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Top 20 Gas2 Stories of the Month

If you haven’t checked these out yet, you have one more chance! (And then we will eat them.) Best-Looking Tesla Model X Pic Yet? (+ 2 More) Tesla Model X Spotted Hauling A Trailer Honda HR-V is a “Perfect Fit,” According to This Video Tesla Model S #1, Chevy Volt #2, Nissan LEAF #3 In […]

September 1st

Reminder: Take This Survey!!!

Originally published on EV Obsession. If you, like me, are a “wannabe” EV owner, here’s one last reminder to complete the survey below. You can also click this link and complete it there. In either case, be sure to click “Done” when you complete it. Create your own user feedback survey For those eager for more information about […]

September 1st

Top 10 Gas2 Posts of the Week

Here are the 10 most popular Gas2 articles from the past week. Enjoy! Ludicrous Tesla P90D — 1st Reactions (+ Video!) Beast Mode Tesla Model S (Gotta See) Electric Disruption Should Be Taken Seriously Mercedes Is Saying Goodbye To Tesla Cheapest Tesla Model S Yet? 19 New Tesla Model X Spy Shots & Videos (via EV Obsession) […]

August 24th

Electric Car Survey For Non-Owners & Non-Lessees

Our survey of electric car owners and lessees went very well, with 800 people completing the survey! A couple of years ago, I think we wouldn’t have gotten half that number. But now is time for the really big one — a survey of wannabe electric car owners/lessees! (If you don’t yet own or lease an electric car […]

August 22nd

Electric Disruption Should Be Taken Seriously

Originally published on EV Obsession. Technology changes fast these days. How many iterations of cell phones or computers have we now lived through? How quickly have music-playing mediums changed? But there’s a big difference between incremental changes in technology and “disruptive” technology shifts. A transition from cassette tapes to CDs was one thing, but a transition […]

August 22nd

German EV + Storage + PV + CHP “Mini-Swarm”

Originally published on CleanTechnica. There’s an exciting project currently underway in the northern German city of Hamburg, being carried out by the German energy and IT company LichtBlick: An apartment building is being transformed into a power plant. There’s a photovoltaics system on the roof, a combined heat and power unit and a storage battery in […]

August 21st

40 Tesla Quarterly Letter & Conference Call Highlights

Originally published on EV Obsession. Tesla Motors released its latest quarterly shareholder letter and hosted its quarterly financials call late last night (European time, since that’s where I live). As always, there were many interesting tidbits that could by themselves be individual articles. However, in the interest of not irritating the Tesla haters too much — […]

August 6th

Top 20 Gas2 Stories In July

If you don’t obsessively read every single Gas2 article… something’s wrong with you! Actually, probably not. In fact, there’s probably a higher likelihood that you are a sane person. Nonetheless, if you skip stories here or there, take a look at our top 20 stories from July and make sure you didn’t miss any gems. […]

August 2nd

Why Is GM Only Planning 30,000 Chevy Bolts Per Year?

One of the biggest electric vehicle announcements of the year so far was the surprise Chevy Bolt announcement from GM in January, the revealing of an affordable, long-range electric car from a major manufacturer. This is the second “affordable” and “long-range” electric car announced by anyone, only trailing the Tesla Model 3. But it is […]

July 27th

Nissan & Endesa Agree To Develop V2G System

Nissan and the energy company Endesa, the largest Spanish utility company, struck an agreement at the Geneva International Auto Show that lays the groundwork for a vehicle to grid (V2G) energy supply that will basically enable EV owners to sell excess energy back to the electric company. Nissan, the global leader in EV sales with the Nissan Leaf leading the charge, is committed […]

July 27th

New Tesla Gigafactory Pics

Originally published on CleanTechnica. Our good friend Bob Tregilus, host of the Plug In America podcast, has just dropped us some more pictures of the under-construction Tesla Gigafactory, which will be the largest building in the world in terms of footprint before long. As you may recall, Bob lives not far from there and actually noticed what seemed to be […]

July 25th

How Many Tesla P85D Owners Are Going Ludicrous?

Originally published on Kompulsa. A user in the Tesla Motors Club forum recently started a poll asking members if they would upgrade from “Insane” mode, which enables them to accelerate from 0–60 MPH in 3.1 or 3.2 seconds, to “Ludicrous” mode, which reduces that time to an impressive 2.8 seconds. The upgrade costs $5,000 + labour for […]

July 23rd