Energy Storage

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New Patent Reveals Details of EEStor’s Ultracapacitor Technology

A newly-granted US patent (PDF) for the upcoming ultracapacitor technology from secretive Texas-based EEStor contains a ton of detailed information about their near-mythical Electrical Energy Storage Unit (EESU), which has the potential to revolutionize transportation and our energy infrastructure. [social_buttons] Apparently one EESU weighs 281 pounds, has a volume of 2.63 cubic feet, can be […]

December 22nd

Hawaii Endorses Better Place for Electric Cars

[social_buttons] Better Place and Hawaii have joined forces. This week the State of Hawaii and the Hawaiian Electric Company endorsed a plan to build a new renewable transportation system based on electric vehicles with swappable batteries and a “smart” battery recharging network. The Better Place plan solves the current problem with electric cars, which is slow battery recharging as well […]

December 3rd

Silicon Could Give Lithium Ion Batteries 10X More Capacity

Researchers are reporting they have developed a new material made from three-dimensional, highly porous nano-silicon that could give future lithium ion batteries a ten times higher capacity than they currently have. [social_buttons] The storage capacity of current generation lithium ion batteries remains a bottleneck for the widespread adoption of electric cars due to a perceived […]

November 25th

EcoSaver IV: AltairNano, Microturbines, and Mass Transit

What do you get when you combine some of the most advanced pieces of green technology in the marketplace today? It might look something like the new EcoSaver IV hybrid buses from DesignLine. First, the basics. The buses in question are built by North Carolina-based DesignLine International and feature wide entry doors, super-low floors, and […]

October 17th

Hawaii to Get Electric Car Battery-Sharing Program

The island state’s small size makes for short drives, which are perfect for electric vehicles, and now an innovative network of recharging stations will make the cars even more convenient. California-based company Better Place will operate the stations on a subscription-based system. Owners could sign-up for a monthly plan or choose to pay as they […]

October 7th

Toshiba’s Super-Charged Battery: Nearly Full in 5 Minutes

A while back, Toshiba unveiled their first foray into advanced lithium ion batteries — the Super-Charge ion Battery, or SCiB. Over the past few days, new information about their cells has emerged. With a 5-minute, 90% charge time and 5000-6000 charge cycles with minimal loss of capacity, it seems a solid competitor to AltairNano’s much […]

October 4th

New Battery Alternative Stores Huge Amounts of Energy

Whatever you do, don’t call it a battery. [social_buttons] A research group at the University of Texas at Austin has taken a carbon-based nanomaterial called graphene, and developed it into a device that has the potential to vastly improve upon the energy storage capacity of batteries. Reportedly, graphene could also double the current maximum storage […]

September 26th