Energy Storage

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Toshiba’s Super-Charged Battery: Nearly Full in 5 Minutes

A while back, Toshiba unveiled their first foray into advanced lithium ion batteries — the Super-Charge ion Battery, or SCiB. Over the past few days, new information about their cells has emerged. With a 5-minute, 90% charge time and 5000-6000 charge cycles with minimal loss of capacity, it seems a solid competitor to AltairNano’s much […]

October 4th

New Battery Alternative Stores Huge Amounts of Energy

Whatever you do, don’t call it a battery. [social_buttons] A research group at the University of Texas at Austin has taken a carbon-based nanomaterial called graphene, and developed it into a device that has the potential to vastly improve upon the energy storage capacity of batteries. Reportedly, graphene could also double the current maximum storage […]

September 26th