Electric Vehicles

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Sick of Gas?: Convert Your Car To Run On Electricity

If you can’t buy the car you want, then build it. Gregg Abott (aka Gadget) custom-converts cars for a living, but instead of tricking out cars to run on biodiesel or get better mileage, he’s hacking them to run on electricity. He’s the owner of Left Coast Electric, a Santa Monica based company with a […]

March 10th

Provoq Concept Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Vehicle

Here´s a throwback to this year´s North American International Auto Show: At this year´s Detroit auto show, GM’s Cadillac division displayed their Provoq Concept car, an electric vehicle powered by an onboard hydrogen fuel-cell . The electrical system, part of GM’s so-called E-Flex architecture, is supplemented by lithium ion batteries that supply added torque during […]

February 27th