Electric Vehicles

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Are Plug-Ins and Electric Cars A Health Hazard?

It had to happen, just when we were beginning to think that plug-in hybrid and electric cars were the best things since sliced bread, someone has intimated that there may be a health risk involved in driving those vehicles. You remember, the power line scare back in the ’70’s (which really hasn’t gone away) and […]

April 29th

Affordable Electric Cars Coming to US in 2009

[social_buttons] Want your own? Sign up to be notified when/if we can get you a group purchasing discount on an electric car. Welcome Google search visitors: This is just one of many articles produced here on a daily basis at Gas 2.0. If you find this post interesting, sign up for our RSS feed and […]

April 23rd

MIT Study Predicts Well-to-Wheel Vehicle Emissions for 2030

Recently, I discussed the interaction between clean energy and the future of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs). The study cited makes it clear that unless we clean up power production, there isn’t much point in moving to PHEVs from regular, old hybrids (HEVs). Interestingly enough, MIT has just come out with a new study, profiled […]

April 17th

Tesla Motors Sues Fisker Automotive Over Electric Car Design

As reported by the New York Times yesterday, the two leading manufacturers of electric cars in the US are involved in a serious quarrel over alleged theft of vehicle design and trade secrets. Tesla Motors, who recently began production of their electric Roadster, claims that Henrik Fisker took on an $875,000 design contract with Tesla […]

April 16th

Safe Hydrogen Fuel System Ready for Market and Your Car!

[kml_flashembed movie=”http://www.youtube.com/v/2P8YsP6qJSE” width=”425″ height=”350″ wmode=”transparent” /] Put six-gallons of water in your fuel tank and drive anywhere you wish. The only thing you’ll need to replace, is a bit more water. Last May, I wrote about Jim Hunt, a student at Carl Sandburg College in Galesburg, Illinois concerning his plasmatic induction system that turns water […]

April 14th

150 MPG Chevy Volt Sneak Peak Video

Yesterday, according to Jalopnik, a reporter leaked out the first video of the Chevy Volt electric car. While GM is keeping their work under pretty tight lock and key, the excitement is tangible—even though the car won’t be officially released for another 2 years (2010)! Check out the video (click on the image to go […]

April 5th

New York Power Authority to Test Subaru R1e Electric Car

State-of-the art, fast-charge lithium batteries power this two-seat electric car, capable of speeds up to 105 mph and a range of up to 54 miles. Based on Subaru’s R1 minicar now being sold in Japan, the R1e was developed in partnership with the Tokyo electric Power Company, Inc. An AC permanent magnet synchronized motor produces […]

March 29th

Sick of Gas?: Convert Your Car To Run On Electricity

If you can’t buy the car you want, then build it. Gregg Abott (aka Gadget) custom-converts cars for a living, but instead of tricking out cars to run on biodiesel or get better mileage, he’s hacking them to run on electricity. He’s the owner of Left Coast Electric, a Santa Monica based company with a […]

March 10th

Provoq Concept Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Vehicle

Here´s a throwback to this year´s North American International Auto Show: At this year´s Detroit auto show, GM’s Cadillac division displayed their Provoq Concept car, an electric vehicle powered by an onboard hydrogen fuel-cell . The electrical system, part of GM’s so-called E-Flex architecture, is supplemented by lithium ion batteries that supply added torque during […]

February 27th