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Video Of Tesla Fire Shows Bursting Battery Cells

Not to beat a dead horse, but the video taken by RTV 6 news is dramatic. It shows the Tesla that crashed early Thursday morning fully engulfed in flames and individual cells from the car’s battery bursting into flame and popping like fireworks on the 4th of July. I know some of you will object […]

November 4th

The Difference Between Energy And Power In An Electric Car

We’re car guys and gals here. We know about compression ratios, bore and stroke, horsepower versus torque, and what overdrive means. But can we explain the difference between the battery used in a pure electric car versus a battery used in a plug-in hybrid? Probably not, but odds are our kids can. Fear not, ye intrepid […]

October 19th

Battery 500 Consortium Targets Development Of High Power Batteries

With the help of up to $50 million in grants from the federal government, a consortium of research labs, universities, and industry will try to create batteries with at least 500 watt-hours of energy per kilogram of energy that cost less than $100 per kilowatt-hour. Today’s batteries often top out at less than 200 watt-hours of […]

August 11th

Austrian Brothers May Have Built A Better Lithium Ion Battery

Three brothers named Kreisel in the Austrian town of Freistadt say they have done something the world’s top battery researchers have been unable to do — build a better battery. The heart of their discovery is a lithium ion battery that weighs close to half what the best batteries weigh today. For instance, the battery […]

July 7th

Tesla Courts Other Lithium-Ion Battery Manufacturers

“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket,” my old Irish grandmother liked to say. Tesla Motors is following her advice when it comes to who will supply it with batteries for its cars and energy storage products. Even though Panasonic is a major partner in the Gigafactory currently under construction in Nevada, the company […]

May 18th

Norwegian Scientists Invent Fast Charging Battery

Scientists and researchers around the world are working on improved battery technology that will facilitate the transition away from fossil fuels to electric vehicles. Their quest is for a battery that is lighter, cheaper, and smaller, with greater energy density. It is unlikely anyone will find a single solution that checks all those boxes, but […]

May 3rd