Fuel Economy

2019 Acura MDX Sport Hybrid Arrives in Dealerships

Sport Hybrid SUV. Three words calculated to appeal to an impressive Venn diagram of the American motoring public. Paired with…

11 months ago

Mazda Skactiv-X Gets Gold at Edison Awards for Innovation

Mazda may be alone in their belief that the internal combustion engine has plenty of life left, but their Syactiv-X…

1 year ago

Ford Slammed Over CAFE Fight in New Sierra Club Video

Ford Slammed in New Sierra Club Video Over CAFE Fight with the EPA - simply: the company doesn't want to…

1 year ago

CARB Faces Off Against Trump’s EPA Over MPG Rules

California's CARB is Facing Off Against Donald Trump's EPA in Washington DC Over states' rights and future MPG Rules.

2 years ago

Mazda SkyActive X Engine — More Power, Less Fuel, Lower Emissions

Mazda has introduced a new gasoline engine at the Tokyo motor show that operates much like a diesel, giving greater…

2 years ago

Gasoline Engines Emit More Particulates Than Diesels

A study in Switzerland finds that gasoline engines equipped with direct injection systems emit up to 100 times more particulates…

2 years ago

ICCT Says Meeting Fuel Economy Goals Will Cost Far Less Than Automakers Claim

An ICCT study says auto makers could easily meet or exceed 2025 CAFE fuel economy standards at modest cost which…

2 years ago

Volkswagen Launches First New Diesel Since Dieselgate

With the launch of the 61MPG, 129 HP, 1.9L Bluetec 4 cyl. Golf MK7.5, Volkswagen Launches its First New Diesel…

2 years ago

Say Hello To Compound Turbocharging Thanks To 48 Volt Electrical Systems

The e-booster from Borg Warner uses an electric supercharger to boost torque at low engine speeds until the turbocharger can…

2 years ago