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59 MPG Toyota iQ On Sale In Europe, US Plans Unclear

Perhaps the ultimate city car for the childless, the Toyota iQ includes all of the safety, comfort, and convenience you’d expect from a larger car, but packaged in the world’s smallest 59 mpg 4-seater. [social_buttons] Before the details fanatics among us get all hot and bothered, the 59 mpg (4.0 liters/100 km) rating refers to […]

October 13th

New Beijing Traffic Laws Take 800,000 Cars Off the Road in China

[social_buttons] Around 800,000 fewer cars were on the road in Beijing, China this Monday, following the introduction of radical new traffic laws aimed at reducing pollution in the city. The new laws came into force today, and stipulate that 70% of government vehicles, as well as all private and corporate cars, take turns off the […]

October 13th

Brits to Add ‘Eco-Safety’ to Driving Test

Starting this week, driving tests across England will include a new section to assess the driver’s ability to conserve fuel. The UK’s Driving Standards Agency began to develop the program in 2006 in order to comply with new European Union laws. Germany, Holland, and other countries in the EU have already begun testing new drivers […]

September 10th

U.S. Could Cut Fuel Use 50% by 2035

[social_buttons] A new report by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Energy Initiative predicts that a 30-50% reduction in fuel consumption is possible in the US over the next 25-30 years. Initially, this will be achieved through improved gasoline and diesel engines and transmissions, gasoline hybrids and reductions in vehicle weight and drag. In the […]

August 27th

GM Determined to Think Big with Better Fuel Economy

GM is set to unveil fuel efficient models of all of its biggest gas guzzlers in 2009.  The Chevy Tahoe, Chevy Silverado, GMC Sierra, GMC Yukon, and even the Cadillac Escalade will be equipped with gas saving technology.  Can innovations like this help clean up GM’s archaic image? As a basic principle of fuel economy, […]

August 18th

Have Your Saturn Converted to an All-Electric Car

Starting later this year, Advanced Mechanical Products (AMP), a company based in Cincinnati, Ohio, will take your pre-existing or newly purchased Saturn Sky and convert it to an electric car. [social_buttons]Initially only available for the Sky, AMP will add other Saturn models as company growth allows. The company is currently taking orders for a limited […]

August 14th

Nissan Joins Tennessee in Electric Car Initiative

The electric motor movement continues to rev its lithium powered engine in the face of high gas prices.  Nissan announced its ambitious partnership with the state of Tennessee to better understand how to make the US an electric nation. Last week, Nissan Motors announced a partnership with the state of Tennessee to study what transportation […]

July 30th

Clean Diesel Cars Coming to US This Fall: 2008-2010 Timeline

New diesels will get better mileage and have cleaner emissions than your average car. Pictured above: 2009 Jetta SportWagen 2L TDI Clean Diesel. Later this year (see the timeline below), we will finally begin to see an influx of new model diesels in the United States. While diesels make up 50% of the market share […]

May 21st