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Aim To Cheat EPA & American Public Pervades Auto Industry

Via CleanTechnica: I discovered in the comment thread of Jo’s first piece on the Volkswagen diesel scandal that one of our frequent commenters here on CleanTechnica used to work for the EPA, and part of his work was to find “defeat devices” — that is, devices auto companies used to trick EPA emissions tests. As shocking and […]

September 23rd

Volvo Drive-E Engines Headed for Chicago

Volvo first announced its new Drive-E lineup of bonkers, there-is-definitely-horse-in-these-meatballs engines fitted with both turbochargers AND superchargers late last summer. According to Volvo, the company had spent nearly $11 billion in developing its new engine programs, which the company hoped would make larger engined cars from competitors’ models feel like “dinosaurs”.

February 2nd

Beijing Mass-transit Moving to 80% Clean Power by 2017

There’s no nice way to say it: the air pollution in China is bad. The problem is so severe, in fact, that the Chinese government decided to slash number of new cars people can put on the road and has even contemplated instituting the death penalty to curb pollution, with little effect. In a bid […]

December 21st

Ford Will Launch 8 New CNG Cars and Trucks Next Year

When I was at Ford’s technology conference back in June, I balked at Bill Ford Jr.’s comments about Ford waiting for the government to issue a “National Energy Policy” favoring one alternative fuel – be it ethanol, CNG, biodiesel, etc. – over the others before Ford was willing to “swing for the fences” on alt-fuel […]

December 1st

Beijing to Slash New Car Sales, Demand 40% of Cars be Hybrids

China’s rapid commercial growth has led to almost inconceivable air pollution in its major cities. In the last month alone, high levels of pollution have forced China to all but shut down the northeastern city of Harbin, a major city with a population of nearly 11 million people. In addition to threatening the country’s deadliest […]

November 9th

Killed: the Aston Martin Cygnet is No More

First announced way back in 2009, Aston Martin’s tiny Cygnet city-car was to be the ideal “daily driver” for Aston’s GT-driving customers. Based on the Toyota Scion iQ microcar, the Cygnet offered commuters easy parking and good MPG in a super-luxurious package trimmed with the finest woods, leathers, and more. The fact that the Cygnet […]

October 20th

MIT Study: Vehicle Emissions Cause 200,000 US Deaths per Year

In the past, we’ve written about the dangers of harmful emissions from diesels and the clear and present dangers of commuting. We’ve talked about the American Lung Association’s Minnesota division coming out in favor of cleaner-burning fuels, and we’ve talked about the Chinese government threatening to enforce emissions laws with the death penalty. Until now, […]

September 4th

Volvo Reveals 300 hp Turbocharged AND Supercharged Drive-E Engine

According to the official press release, Volvo has spent nearly $11 billion in developing its new engine programs – the Volvo i-ART diesels and its flywheel hybrid system included – and believes that its new, high-efficiency 4-cylinder engines will make larger engined cars from competitors feel like “dinosaurs”.

August 19th