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Chinese 'Panda' Car Goes Electric

[social_buttons] The Geely Panda, a tiny Chinese gas-powered car with a 1.3 liter engine that gets 48 mpg, is going to have an electric version available sometime this year. The electric Panda will have an LC-E lithium-ion battery, 340V charge system, max. speed of 40 mph, and a range of 50 miles.

July 22nd

Ecotality to Enter Huge Chinese EV Market

Electric transport and infrastructure company ECOtality has made a move to expand its manufacturing and distribution operations for electric vehicle charging systems in China by entering into a joint venture with the Chinese firm Shenzhen Goch Investment to establish a manufacturing base in China. In return for a $10 million investment, Shenzhen Goch Investment will […]

July 12th

Three Ways the Climate Bill Will Change Your Life

Late Friday, the House passed the first legislation solely dedicated to reversing global warming. Now the fate of the Climate Change Bill is in the hands of the Senate, and political pundits are predicting the bill won’t pass. This exact bill might not pass but sooner than later one will and until then they will […]

June 29th

Electric Cars for the Middle Class

It appears that companies are realizing that zero emission electric vehicles should not just be for the “rich”. In May, Nissan announced that it would begin electric cars in the U.S. to be available in 2010. This week, they announced they would mass produce a zero-emissions electric car by 2012 that would be affordable. However, […]

June 26th

Zipcar's Low-Car Diet: One Month Without a Car

[social_buttons] Last year, 300 folks across North America turned in their car keys for a month as part of the 2008 Zipcar Low-Car Diet. And, in addition to cutting congestion, they also walked 85% more, biked 136% more and decreased their miles driven by 71%. Pretty impressive, eh? Starting July 15, a new crop of […]

June 25th

Cruise the City in the Maya 300 but Don't Leave Town

“To my knowledge, at this point, ExxonMobil has no interest in putting charging stations at retailer locations,” said Pat Brant, Chief Polymer Scientist with ExxonMobil Chemical Company. I just had to ascertain if ExxonMobil was really in the car business after they announced their partnership in launching the Maya 300 and it appears that the […]

June 24th

Nissan to Build Massive Electric Car Factory in US

[social_buttons] Nissan has announced plans to launch the large-scale production of electric cars and batteries in the United States, with a massive 50 billion Yen ($516 million) facility in Smyrna, Tennessee. The site will be capable of knocking-out an impressive 50,000 to 100,000 EVs by 2012, with investment possibly DOUBLING to 100 billion Yen (more […]

June 22nd

Scientists Seek Ways to Harvest Fossil Fuel Faster

Suggestions are floated in the current issue of Industrial Engineering & Chemical Research on the best way to farm living diatoms to turn their oil into a new oil field  containing “massive amounts of gasoline.” As previously fossilized fuel supplies dwindle,  pinhead-sized diatoms – at the bottom of the food chain – have become the […]

June 19th

Senate Passes Cash for Clunkers Program

[social_buttons] The Senate passed the Cash for Clunkers Program today, which gives consumers with cars that get less than 18 miles per gallon the ability to turn them in for a $3,500 or $4,500 cash voucher. The bill was nearly defeated by Republicans, but Democratic support saved the day in part due to Obama’s lobbying […]

June 18th

Update: GM May Hunt for Fuel Cell Development “Efficiencies”

The financial woes at General Motors could finally be catching up with its fuel cell vehicle development program. [social_buttons] In a Web-based interview with the media Tuesday, CEO Fritz Henderson said the company may take a close look at what it spends on fuel cell development. When asked by the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle’s Matt […]

June 17th

Congress to Vote on Cash for Clunkers Program

For those of you driving clunkers, you may soon be able to turn that eyesore into cash. The House and Senate have agreed to designate $1 billion for the Cash for Clunkers program to be funded out of the significantly larger $106 billion wartime spending bill. Not yet law (Congress is expected to pass this […]

June 15th

Yardney Teams Up With Coda Automotive to Manufacture Lithium-Ion EV Batteries

[social_buttons] Pawcatuck, CT – Connecticut based Yardney Technical Products, Inc. – who supplied NASA with batteries for the Mars Exploration Rovers (an all-electric vehicle, operating under the most challenging conditions imaginable) – and California-based Coda Automotive announced on Monday, June 8 that the two companies have entered into a joint venture (Coda Battery Systems LLC). Coda Battery Systems […]

June 9th