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Great Deal On Chevy Spark EV

In the market for a new car? Why not? And of course you want an electric. Ready to pony up about $20,000? Well, if you live in beautiful sunny California between Oakland and Sacramento, Tracy Herrin at Chase Chevrolet may have the car for you. A 2014 Chevrolet Spark EV Hatchback 1LT is available for an asking […]

August 16th

BMW Commissions 400 i3s For DriveNow in Copenhagen

Something is electric in the state of Denmark. The Bavarian Motor Works company has announced the addition of 400 electric i3 cars into its DriveNow service that will operate in cohesion with the Copenhagen infrastructure beginning in September of 2015. After successfully adding the i3 to DriveNow fleets in Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States, […]

August 14th

Charge Your Tesla In Manhattan

Tesla takes Manhattan. In an effort to increase compatibility between its brand and the Big Apple, Tesla has partnered with about two dozen parking garages to provide high-speed 240 volt charging stations for its Model S sedan. Urban drivers generally face a more difficult task when compared to suburbanites when it comes to reliably charging their electric vehicles. […]

August 13th

Nissan & Enterprise Bring Affordable Rentals To College

Nissan and Enterprise CarShare have partnered to bring exclusive affordability to college campuses nationwide. Students, faculty, and staff will ideally have a more economical way to get around town. Announced on August 11, Nissan will now exclusively supply vehicles to over 90 college campuses where Enterprise CarShare provides service. As an added inventive, until December 31st, […]

August 12th

Tesla Trying To Bust Through Auto Dealership Lobby In Michigan — So That It Can Finally Serve Michigan Customers

The irony in the “Tesla versus auto dealers” fight is overflowing. The fact that blocking Tesla from making direct sales to customers is not seen as anti–free market by the politicians writing such laws is insane — and not “Insane Mode” insane. The corruption from money-sucking, customer-screwing dealers and their political allies is somewhat sickening. The […]

August 7th

Own or Lease an Electric Car?

If you were MIA this weekend and missed my first appeal to complete an electric car owner and lessee survey that I created, I would like to humbly request that you step it up and complete this thing now! We’re up to 478 responses as I write this, but I’d like a few more. You […]

July 30th

Texas Governor Opposes Free Market… For Tesla

The irony and hypocrisy in politics are insane, or almost insane, until you take into account cash money — $$$ cha ching! And it’s hard to find a place where it gets more hypocritical than in Republican party leadership. Republicans are all about the “free market,” right? Yet congresspeople and governors will fight to their death (or almost to their death, […]

July 15th

Tesla Offers Compromises To Connecticut Lawmakers

Tesla is negotiating with leaders of the Connecticut legislature in an effort to get changes made to the state’s dealer sales law. Connecticut is one of 15 states that still prohibits direct sales of automobiles from a manufacturer to a consumer. Originally, such laws were passed to protect dealers from being dominated by powerful manufacturers. […]

March 9th