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Ethanol Use in US and Brazil Rises Sharply

In Europe, not so much… Brazil, which has to a large degree lead the ethanol charge because of its ability to use sugar cane for ethanol production rather than corn, now relies on the biofuel for 16% of its energy needs. This puts ethanol at #2 in Brazil for largest energy sources, right ahead of […]

May 22nd

100+ EcoDriving Tips to get Better Mileage in Your Car

Source: greefus groinks There’s been a lot of buzz on the internet and on TV about ecodriving, hypermiling, ecomodding, orĀ  other techniques for saving fuel., a site dedicated to modifying cars and driving habits for fuel economy, recently released a list of 100+ hypermiling tips. These tips are definitely worth a look for anyone […]

May 11th

VW Confirms 1L Concept Will Become Reality in 2010

Image source: Wikipedia There’s been talk about the VW 1L concept for years. Since VW built the original, fuel economy, safety, price, and release date has been speculated upon and argued about, and I’d finally stopped thinking it was ever going to happen. However, according to VW’s CEO, it should hit the market in 2010. […]

May 7th

Formula 1 Racing to Go Hybrid from 2009-2013

It’s not quite the same type of hybrid drive-train you’d see in street vehicles, but in an exciting announcement, Max Mosely of F1 has announced that all cars will become hybrid by 2013, along with other changes to the vehicles. The hybrid system that will be phased in is known as KERS, which stands for […]

April 22nd

Audi TDI Place Second in European LeMans

I’ve posted in the past about a possible hybrid LeMans car and performance diesels, but today there is some actual news on some non-gasoline race cars from Audi. As reported by AutoBlogGreen, Audi recently took second place in their first showing with the diesel-powered cars in the European LeMans (this is after having raced these […]

April 8th

Is Ethanol Production Fueling the Size of the Dead Zone?

Photo Source: [social_buttons] In case you didn’t know, the “dead zone” isn’t just a novel by Steven King or an old TV show, it’s an area about the size of New Jersey in the Gulf of Mexico that during the summer months is incapable of supporting sea life. The dead zone is created when […]

April 3rd

Toyota to Pioneer Hybrid Racing Technology?

Image source: Nordvik [social_buttons] According to AutoBlogGreen there is currently a bit of buzz surrounding the possibility that Toyota will enter a hybrid into the 2009 LeMans race. They’ve already missed the deadline if they wanted to enter a hybrid in 2008, but since they’re in it to win it, it appears that they will […]

April 2nd

Need a New Car? Nope, Just a New Engine!

[social_buttons] Engine Repower is a new service that gives car owners the option of replacing their old, worn out engine with a rebuilt engine of the same vintage instead of simply buying a new car or repairing specific problems. When a first saw this page, I was very interested, as I am a proponent of […]

March 25th

Subaru Unleashes R1e Electric Car on New York

ABG recently reported on the fact that the new Subaru R1e has recently been spotted tooling around the streets in New York City as part of an official trial in the US, which is an extension of the 40 (soon to be 100) car trial currently taking placing in Japan. In light of this new […]

March 17th