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Tesla May Share Superchargers With Other Manufacturers

Electric cars would be more attractive to prospective buyers if charging stations were more ubiquitous, and Tesla understands that, hence its construction of the Supercharger network. The Superchargers, which charge way faster than other chargers, are for Tesla cars. However, Tesla has said it is open to the idea of sharing the Superchargers with cars of other brands. […]

September 26th

Mercedes-Benz Unveils Shape-Changing Concept IAA PHEV

At this month’s Frankfurt Motor Show, Mercedes-Benz revealed the Concept IAA, which is a plug-in hybrid car with a 279 HP (205 kW) engine that can take it up to 155 MPH. The “IAA” stands for Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile (but we imagine it’s a pun since the Frankfurt Motor Show is also abbreviated IAA). Just another […]

September 21st

Drone Provides Bird’s-Eye View Of Tesla Gigafactory

Drone technology has given a man the awesome opportunity to snoop on the Tesla Gigafactory’s construction site from a great vantage point — above! Once nothing more than a set of metal bars, the Gigafactory is now starting to come together in a mountainous (but somewhat desolate) area in Nevada. Construction of the outer walls and […]

September 15th

How Many Tesla P85D Owners Are Going Ludicrous?

Originally published on Kompulsa. A user in the Tesla Motors Club forum recently started a poll asking members if they would upgrade from “Insane” mode, which enables them to accelerate from 0–60 MPH in 3.1 or 3.2 seconds, to “Ludicrous” mode, which reduces that time to an impressive 2.8 seconds. The upgrade costs $5,000 + labour for […]

July 23rd

The Lexus RC F Boasts A Hybrid-like V8 Engine

Lexus combined the fuel-efficient Atkinson-cycle engine technology with the more powerful Otto-cycle in the new Lexus RC F, which made its debut at the 2014 North American International Auto Show. This combination of engine cycles results in improved fuel efficiency without sacrificing horsepower. It is a 5.0 liter,  450horsepower (336 kW) engine which produces 384 pound-feet (520 […]

March 6th

Researchers Create Wooden Battery For Large-Scale Energy Storage

Very few things would be more helpful to the transition to clean energy, all-natural, low-cost battery that lasts a long time. So imagine how world-changing a battery made from wood fibers could be to the clean energy movement. A team of scientists at the University of Maryland, including Liangbing Hu, and Teng Li, have done just that, creating a battery made of wood fibers and tin, two of the cheapest and most-common elements in the world.

July 2nd