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What’s the Secret Behind Bentley’s Ethanol Supercar? I Think I Know, and I’m Telling Everyone.

Several weeks ago, I filled you in on Bentley’s upcoming ethanol supercar, promised to be the fastest, most powerful Bentley ever offered. In the days since, Bentley has kept the world’s journalists hungry for more details, releasing only this “Project Victoria” teaser video, a March reveal date, and precious little else… but has one of Volkswagen’s lesser-known suppliers […]

February 11th

First it Killed the Electric Car; Now CARB Goes After Plug-in Hybrids

Last week, the East Bay Express published an article regarding the California Air Resources Board’s (CARB) plans for aftermarket, plug-in hybrid conversions. Proving once again that CARB is a political machine with something more than “clean air” in its agenda, the board is set to deal a punishing, bureaucratic body-blow to startup companies like 3 Prong Power and […]

January 28th

Earth to Congressman Massa: That’s Not What “Efficiency” Means

Last week, Famous DC was the first to report on New York’s recently elected congressman Eric Massa’s poorly-conceived environmental publicity stunt.  Massa’s plan was to drive from his congressional district in New York to Washington DC in a hydrogen fuel-cell powered car.  In other words:  an efficient, leisurely, and environmentally responsible drive across 300 miles of the American Northeast. […]

January 20th

Chrysler Releases “New” Dodge Circuit Electric Car – Still No Tesla

[social_buttons] This has been a Lotus/Chrysler-heavy blog in the past few days, but let’s face it: if you’re talking advanced automotive technology and lightweight engineering, you’re talking about Lotus Cars – and if you’re talking highly-anticipated new electric vehicles at Detroit’s 2009 NAIAS auto show, you’re talking about Chrysler’s ENVI electric-vehicle program. The car shown […]

January 12th

Rendered: Fisker Karma Sunset Convertible Electric Car

[social_buttons] Henrik Fisker and his California-based Fisker Coachbuild company have been in the news a lot lately, promoting their upcoming Karma extended-range hybrid electric sports-sedan.  Recently, Fisker released a detail “teaser” shot of their upcoming Karma Sunset roadster – but freelance design firm KORS shows us what the whole thing might look like using their […]

January 9th

Dodge “Developing” Another New Electric Car

Automotive News is reporting that Chrysler is readying an updated version of its Dodge EV concept for the Geneva auto show later this year. [social_buttons] Despite a solid PR launch of Chrysler’s ENVI electric vehicle group, the current Dodge EV is little more than UK-only Lotus Europa with Dodge badges and fly-yellow paint.  This new […]

January 9th

Lotus Shows Hints of Future Electric Cars

Editor’s note: Jo is our newest addition to the Gas 2.0 team. He’s written for us before as a guest writer, but this marks his transition to full fledged writer status. We’re pleased to have him on board. Welcome Jo! Envied worldwide for producing feather-lite supercars just itching to be made into electric torque monsters […]

January 7th

Tuners Look To Hybrids, Diesels, and Turbos to Feed Customer's Need for (Green) Speed

Editors Note: This is an industry perspective guest post by Jo A. Borras, who works for the Florida-based high performance tuning company RENNtech. [social_buttons] A summer full of record gas prices has changed the automotive landscape forever, with changing consumer demands and buying habits forcing automakers to quickly bring more fuel-efficient vehicles to market ahead […]

October 31st