About Gas 2

Gas 2 is a place where hugging trees and burning rubber can coexist. We are all about 1/4 mile times, sikk builds, four wheel drifts, and– of course– having a planet to do those things on safely and responsibly. Most importantly, I think, is that we’re here to show the enthusiast community green cars that don’t suck.

There’s a bit more to Gas 2 than that, of course– if only just. I like to think that we hold to a few beliefs here. Nothing hard and fast and absolute. But, generally speaking, I think our decade-plus long history would bear out some of the following:


  • THE FUTURE IS ELECTRIC — Gas 2 was born right as the US housing bubble burst and the global economy tanked. At the time, there were a number of ways things could have gone. The future could have been biofuel just as easily as it could have been hydrogen, back then– but we think the electrics will win. The electrics will win, and it will be awesome, because your mom needs a 10-second grocery-getter.

  • THE BEST WAY TO APPRECIATE NATURE IS TO GET OUT IN IT — We believe that a love of nature is, and should be, at the core of environmental conservation efforts. As such, we encourage people to go visit America’s national parks, Europe’s mountain passes, Australia’s beaches, and Costa Rica’s cloud forests. We cover RVs, ATVs, dirtbikes, and cool camping rigs because these things make the outdoors more fun, more accessible, and more inclusive.

  • TWO WHEELS ARE BETTER THAN FOUR — Whether we’re talking about motorcycles, mopeds, or bicycles, bikes require fewer raw materials to build, operate, and maintain than cars do. When nearly three out of four vehicles in the US spend most of their time carrying a single occupant, making the switch to bikes is just a good idea– and a fun idea, too!

  • THE GREENEST CAR IS THE ONE THAT IS ALREADY BUILT — building a new car takes literally tons of raw materials. Those materials need to be mined, refined, transported, processed, machined, transported a few more times, and probably painted for good measure. Scrapping a car that gets 25 MPG in order to drive a car that gets 30 MPG isn’t going to offset that for years, so you might want to think about keeping the car you’ve got on the road a bit longer. At Gas 2, we celebrate those who reduce waste, reuse their cars, and recycle old cars as needed to try and bring something that’s new, but not new, to life.

  • INTERNAL COMBUSTION ISN’T DEAD, YET — Remember that thing about the future being electric? Well, the good-ol ICE still has a few tricks up its sleeve that will keep it relevant for a few years, yet. Ignoring its advantages won’t make it go away, either. So, we will celebrate real improvements as we find them, because better is still better. If ICEs offend your sensibilities, then, take it to EVObsession.


That’s about it, for now. If you’ve read this far, then maybe you like what you’ve read and want to read some more. That’s cool, and we hope you visit– and comment!– often. Until the next post hits, I’d like to invite you to check out some of my favorite pictures from the last few years, below, and ask you to subscribe to our weekly summaries in the menu, above.


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